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The best phones under 20000 on no-cost EMI

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Phones run our lives but it can become a pricey endeavour paying for one. That is why this list of the best phones under 20000 shows the best phones with high performance in a pocket-friendly range.  It is important to find the phone that best suits you and your needs. This can pose to be expensive and which is why this list of the best phones under 20000. To make this shopping experience even better, ZestMoney offers a no-cost EMI scheme and with zero down payment. You can enjoy the best of shopping and also get the phone that you are looking for. Here are the best phones under 20000!

1. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

  • In this latest phone in the Xiaomi series, enjoy high-performance features and a sleek look to suit your styles and more importantly your budget. This phone was released in March 2021. Enjoy all the latest features without it hurting your pocket not to mention it has got a great display and good battery life.

2. Oppo F19 Pro

It is one of the latest models in the Oppo range with great performance. The Oppo F19 has a setup with a quad camera, making taking photos more fun and with great clarity. The phone is also extremely stylish and with wonderful displays. Be sure to check the Oppo F19 and what it has to offer.

3. Samsung Galaxy M31s

  • The Samsung Galaxy M31s is highly efficient and is budget-friendly. It has great resolution and is also seen as the best gaming phone within the 20000 range. This phone also has a great video focus and has a night mode. This phone is a great purchase so be sure to get yours!

4. Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

This is a great phone under the Xiaomi series and makes for a great purchase. The Xiaomi Red Note 9 Pro Max is excellent and is one of their high-end products in the Redmi series. It has fast charging and is especially good for streaming. If this kind of phone is more up your alley then be sure to grab yours now.

5. Vivo S1 Pro

  • The Vivo S1 Pro seems to come with the whole package. It has great battery life, a very good camera and has a wonderful display. The Vivo S1 Pro is one of the best phones to be purchased specially in the 20000 range. This phone promises quality and allows for great use. Grab the Vivo S1 Pro now and enjoy the perfect phone experience.

Other phones that must be mentioned in the best phones under 20000 are the Poco X3, Mi 10i 5G, Samsung Galaxy F41, Real X7 5G, and so on. These phones are some of the best phones and are extremely budget friendly, ZestMoney also helps to avails no-cost EMI which will really enhance your shopping experience!

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