Switching to a New Switchboard for Safety

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Bushfires and grassfires are common threats to Sydney’s residents and their properties. Fires, however, may also start inside their respective homes.

According to the Fire and Rescue NSW, some of the most common house fires in the Harbour City, the nickname for Sydney, are electrical in nature. Leading the list are defective electrical appliances and equipment, as well as outdated or faulty switchboards. When it comes to checking or upgrading your switchboard, always leave the task to a licensed and experienced Sydney electrician.

Defective switchboards and high temperatures of Sydney during summer months do not mix. From December to February, temperatures can climb up to 40°C. Back on December 17, 2019, the average temperature was 40.9°C.

Having the switchboard inspected or, if necessary, upgraded is of utmost importance, especially before summer. Sadly, no one in Sydney or elsewhere on the planet is fond of talking about it, except maybe for those who are into DIY home remodeling and renovation.

Today’s Homes Call for It

It is a must to ensure that your switchboard is in excellent shape, especially if your home has a lot of new-age appliances and technologies. Massive LCD television sets, powerful laptops, fully-automatic washing machines, smart refrigerators — these and more can cause the switchboard to work harder.

Older switchboard types and configurations are not designed to handle very well the electrical demands of today’s average and above-average homes technology-wise.

Dangers Inside the Home

So, what is the primary reason to let a Sydney electrician decide whether or not your switchboard needs an upgrade? It’s none other than to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. Also, it’s for keeping your property out of harm’s way.

You would think that it is while inside the home when family members are at their safest. Sadly, this is not always the case. That’s because various things could endanger everyone indoors, and some of them are due to electrical matters, such as the presence of an older type of or a defective switchboard.

Here are some telltale signs that you need an expert to check your switchboard:

  • Your home is old. Modern appliances and old-fashioned switchboards do not mix. Let a licensed and experienced electrician in the city inspect your switchboard if you have an old home, or you don’t know when the switchboard installation happened.


  • The lights are flickering. Usually, there are a couple of possible reasons why the lights in your home are flickering. First, the light bulbs could be loose or on the verge of conking out. Second, the wirings in a damaged or old switchboard could be loose.


  • Sparking or short-circuiting appliances. Do appliances spark or stop working when you plug them in? It could be a sign that your switchboard needs an upgrade. You should contact an electrician as soon as possible to protect your appliances, property, and family.


  • You get a mild electric shock often. Everyone knows that it is a bad idea to plug-in appliances or electrical devices barefoot or with wet hands. If you are still getting shocked even if you have footwear on or your hands are dry, have an electrician check the switchboard.


  • Unusual noises or smells. Getting in touch with an electrician in Sydney residents trust is a good idea if your switchboard is emitting buzzing or sizzling sounds. Doing the same is a must if a burning or chemical smell is coming from the switchboard.

Encountering one or more of the issues mentioned above calls for the help of an electrician. See to it that you hire someone with a license and lots of experience.

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