Why You Should Choose Canvas Prints to Decorate Your Australian Home

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Why You Should Choose Canvas Prints to Decorate Your Australian Home

With a total area of over 7.6 million kilometres, Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and the largest in the region of Oceania. The Land Down Under may have the driest and most infertile soils on the planet. Still, it manages to generate income from numerous sources, such as telecommunications, mining, manufacturing, and many other industries.

To date, Australia is one of the top countries in terms of per capita income. Given its strong economy, efficient healthcare system, numerous employment opportunities, and beautiful surroundings, it is not surprising that this highly-developed nation welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year.

If you recently moved to this country and are working on decorating your new home, you should consider looking at online stores that offer canvas prints in Australia. Hanging art pieces printed on canvas in your living and bedroom walls feels nicer than displaying ordinary paintings printed on glossy paper and other artworks for the following reasons:

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Aesthetic Quality

Canvas is the most popular support medium for oil painting in the Italian Renaissance. It is classy and elegant, which is why practically every high-valued art piece is painted on canvas.

You can experience the same artistic feel and see a similar painterly appearance when you use canvas prints to beautify your new home. These prints are created using advanced inkjet printing technology that you can hardly tell they are not original paintings.

Note that you cannot achieve a painting-like finish with paper prints. Instead of a textured look, you will end up hanging glossy pieces with obviously “printed” appearance.

Apart from producing the right texture, canvases also create vibrant colours that are difficult to achieve using other media, such as paper and wood. The canvas prints available in reputable artwork online stores are made using specialised inks and high-quality printers; hence, the rich and vivid finish.


Canvas prints are also versatile. You can readily transform them to fit your design theme and make every room pop. For instance, you can frame them in colours and materials that will complement your furnishings and other decorative elements. You can also leave them frameless for a more striking and unique vibe.

Canvas prints come in different sizes – dimensions that you cannot find in paper prints. While images on paper appear pixelated in larger sizes, the overall final look of pictures printed on canvas remains the same regardless of the scale because this medium absorbs ink colours much better.


Unlike complicated art pieces and other wall décor, canvas prints are much easier to clean and maintain. You can remove dust by simply wiping them gently using a slightly damp cotton cloth. Another cleaning method is by using an old painting brush with soft bristles to dust the prints, and you are done! Imagine how challenging and time-consuming the cleaning process would be if you hang masks, sculptures, or other complicated decorative pieces on your wall.

Keep in mind that you cannot disregard the maintenance aspect when choosing home decors considering the level of dust in the country. Did you know that one study revealed how Australia is the leading source of dust flowing in the Southern Hemisphere? As such, it is best to select low-maintenance decorative articles like canvas prints.

Hanging artistic pieces printed on canvas can brighten up and make your new house feel like home. Just make sure to find a reliable provider of canvas prints in Australia so that you will have a wide variety of choices in terms of design and sizes at reasonable prices.

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