Guide to Getting the Right Fishing Gear for Beginners

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Fishing is a great hobby that you and your near and dear ones can enjoy. Fishing has also been shown in movies as part of family bonding moments, especially between fathers and sons. However, if you are planning to include fishing as one of your hobbies, you may get confused when you enter an outdoor outfitter on seeing the many aisles dedicated to fishing reels, rods, lures, and other fishing equipment on display. Here is a guide to help you get started on your first fishing trip.

Get the legalities done first. Fishing is a regulated activity, especially in Australia. Even if you are going for a recreational fishing trip, you must first obtain a licence to fish. A fishing licence is a way to prevent the depletion of the fish population.

Get the right fishing gear. Since you are a beginner in fishing, do not confuse yourself with fishing gear that is being used by fishing experts. You should stick to having the basic rod and reel combination.

  • Fishing rod. The best fishing rod for a beginner fisherman is the spinning rod. Spinning rods are practical because they can be used for a variety of reels, such as spinning and baitcasting reels. However, you will still have to choose the length and the action that you want your rod to have. The length of your rod will be a factor in how far you can cast your bait or lure. If you have a longer rod, you can throw it to a farther location. Spinning rods will also be rated with the type of action. The action rating of the rod will describe how much the rod will deflect or bend once a fish is hooked. You can choose from fast action, moderate action, and slow action rods.
  • Fishing Reels. There are several reels to choose from, and your choice should depend upon the type of fishing you are opting for. For a beginner fisherman, the best reel is the spinning reel since it is the most versatile type in the market. Spinning reels can be used for most fishing activities and can handle small to large fishes. When choosing spinner fishing reels, you should consider the following specifications.
  • Spinning reel size. Spinning reels have sizes ranging from 2000 to 30000, which indicate the size range of fish that the reel can handle. For example, a 2000 spinning reel size can handle fish of up to 3 kg, while a 30000-size reel can catch fishes that weigh more than 30 kilograms.
  • The durability of a fishing reel will significantly be affected by the material it is made of. Spinning reels made up of hard plastics may be cheaper and can be used for fishing, but these may not be as durable as the metal-made fishing reels. So if you are investing in fishing gear, it is more practical to purchase the more durable reels.
  • Gear ratio. You should also consider the gear ratio of the fishing reels that you buy. The higher the gear ratio of the reel, the faster the retrieval speed will be.


  • The number of ball bearings in a spinning reel can range from three to eleven. The number of bearings that your spinning reel has will dictate the smoothness of its operation. If you can handle the budget, choose fishing reels with the most number of bearings. If not, then a spinning reel with at least four to five bearings will suit a beginner.

Having the right gear on your first fishing trip will make your trip a memorable one. So get the right fishing gear and fish away.

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