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She entered this world on October 22, 1992, in the English city of Liverpool. SSSniperWolf is her well-known alias. After gaining popularity in the UK, she started her YouTube channel and is well known for her vlogs, challenges, reactions, and gaming videos.

Her Little Lia channel has nearly 4 million followers, and her SSSniper Wolf channel has over 34.2 million. One of her most viewed videos from 2015 is “Touch My Body Challenge,” which has received over 101 million views.

You can call me Lia, expert sharpshooter wolf or sssniperwolf! I love gaming and making recordings! Buy into join the Wolfpack.


NameAlia Marie Shelesh
Professionally KnownSSSniperWolf
NicknameSSSniper Wolf, Lia, Little Lia, Sniper
Date Of BirthOctober 22, 1992
BirthplaceLiverpool, England
Spouse NameNot Married Yet
HometownLiverpool, England
Zodiac SignLibra
Marital StatusSingle
BrotherPaul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh

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Sssniperwolf Birthday22 October


Sssniperwolf Age31 Years


Sssniperwolf Height in Feet5′ 3
Height in Meters1.6m
Height in Centimeters160.02cm


Sssniperwolf Weight in Kilograms52KG
Weight in Pounds114lbs

Early Life

Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992, in England. Her ancestors are from Turkey and Greece. She and her family immigrated to the US when she was six. Since she was very small, she has enjoyed playing video games.

She is getting better at gaming because her family encourages her. She can now play games on the Sony PlayStation like a pro. She used to fight a lot with her brother, so she received her first PlayStation. This is why her dad got her a PlayStation.

Sssniperwolf Age
Sssniperwolf Age

She previously attended a Liverpool public high school in the UK. Afterwards, she transferred to the university to finish her pharmacy studies at Glendale Community College. She was unable to continue her education to become a pharmacist, though.

She quickly switched careers to nursing. Even so, she struggled to continue studying because of her intense love for YouTube and video games. She decided to discontinue her class and continue creating Youtube Home videos.

Involvement in Adult Industry

SSSniper Wolf has encountered numerous issues throughout his career. An article on the website Drama Alert in January 2016 claimed that the true purpose of SSSniper Wolf was to upload pornographic videos to the sexysexysniper YouTube channel.

The post claimed that the channel’s material was racist, sexual, and intended to denigrate other gamers. Sssniper wolf Sexy did not confirm or deny the claims made on the website, leaving Sssniper wolf Onlyfans to speculate about what was happening. Rumour has it that SSSniper Wolf is seeing Evan Sausage, another popular YouTuber.

Arrested Twice for Noise and Robbery

In 2013, her offence was robbery. She hit the security guard in retaliation after he accused her of stealing. In jail, she was there for two days. On her record, it changed from robbery to misdemeanor. August 2016 marked the beginning of her second stint in prison.

After her boyfriend and neighbor had a heated argument, the neighbor called the police, who responded to her home. She spent the night in jail before the authorities dropped the charges against her and her boyfriend the following morning.

Alleging GirlGoneGamer’s Gameplay Fraud


In a video she uploaded in October 2015, she claimed that GirlGoneGamer, another online gamer, had fabricated her Call of Duty abilities. After SSSniper Wolf challenged GirlGoneGamer to a 1v1 game, GirlGoneGamer blocked her and stopped following her on Twitter. Her followers concurred with her.


Being in a relationship with someone is not exactly a secret. She started dating YouTube celebrity Evan Sausage in 2013. They began dating when her boyfriend from YouTube, Evan, began to text her. They soon started conversing over the phone and via Skype. The couple’s bond grew stronger after they jointly purchased a home.

Both of them were having problems in their relationship. In May 2016, Alia told the world that she and Evan Sausage were no longer together. She still resides in her cozy and beautiful Las Vegas home. The house is cozy and charming and situated on 5,000 square feet of land. The house has four bathrooms and three bedrooms. The home has an infinity pool, pocket walls, a wine room, an outdoor kitchen, and a theatre.


Youtube Home
Youtube Home

The Youtube Ssniperwolf was very popular among young gamers, and Alia Shelesh gained much notoriety as her social media following expanded. Over 32 million users have registered on SSniperWolf. Many people enjoy her other social media profiles as well.

She has more than 5.4 million Instagram followers and a sizable following on Facebook and Twitter. After SSniperWolf gained popularity, she created Little Lia, her second YouTube channel. Giving her fans do-it-yourself video tips was the main focus of the channel.

With over 3.74 million subscribers, it discusses topics that appeal to women, such as crafts, recipes, soft toys, and home goods. Alia said she wanted to turn her childhood interest in crafts and video games into a successful business, so she launched her second YouTube channel.

As it turned out, her second channel was also well-liked, making her a household favorite among homemakers. She has become an internet celebrity since her second channel did so well.

SSSniperWolf’s YouTube Monetisation Suspension

Sniper Wolf
Sniper Wolf

That is SSniperWolf, also known as Alia Shelesh. She is well-known for her reaction videos and vlogs and has over 34 million YouTube subscribers. She got into trouble after Jacksfilms, whose real name is John Patrick Douglass, accused her of doxxing him on Instagram.

Due to the controversy surrounding her doxxing another creator, Jacksfilms, SSSniperWolf’s YouTube channel is currently unable to monetize.

Verifying the temporary suspension of SSSniper Wolf’s ability to make money by the guidelines for Creator Responsibility. We do not want such behavior on YouTube and take offense at actions that endanger others and harm our community.

Twitter user @youtube wrote, “Hope everyone helps move this conversation to a better place.” Social media content creator Alia has since apologized on X (previously Twitter), calling her actions “inexcusable.”

Firstly, I would like to express my regret for my recent actions; they were wrong. I apologize for not setting a better example for resolving a conflict with Jacksfilm, YouTube, the creative community, and my incredible fans.

Although we do not always agree with Jacksfilm, I apologize for my response. Instead of asking for opinions or content, I should have taken advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate to young creators how professionals and adults handle disagreement by speaking with one another in private, courteously, and directly—to show them a meaningful way to handle conflict, she wrote.

Net Worth

SSSniperWolf Net Worth in USD$ 6 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹ 665299200

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Gillian Jacobs Net Worth

Social Media

Instagram@SSSniper Wolf

Movies List


SSSniper Wolf, whose real name is Alia Lia Shelesh, is a British-American social media influencer and YouTuber. Her filmography has yet to be discovered. She has mostly made YouTube gaming and reaction videos.

Song List

An SSSniper Wolf song or album list is unavailable. Her social media and YouTube activity suggest she has not pursued a music career or released original songs as a main artist. Instead of releasing songs, she can post music on social media and YouTube.

Fun Facts

  • The celebrity Fortnite Pro-AM tournament was something Alia was a part of.
  • In 2013, she faced charges of armed robbery following an altercation with a security guard who had mistakenly thought she was shoplifting, but the guard had been mistaken. She had hit and obstructed the arrest. There was a dismissal of the charges after her two days in custody.
  • In Alia’s telling, her birthplaces were Iraq, Greece, and Turkey.
  • In her character roles, Alia was known as Lia Valentine.
  • Libra is her zodiac sign.
  • There have been two arrests involving SSSnipe rWolf.
  • Sssniper wolf Videos, “The Truth About Girl Gone Gamer,” became famous overnight.
  • Call of Duty and DOOM tournaments are just two of Alia’s many video game participations.
  • August 2016 saw her re-arrested on charges of disorderly conduct stemming from her alleged obstruction of the arrest procedure. She and her boyfriend got into a violent argument, and her neighbors ended up calling the cops.
  • They were both released from prison the day after spending the night behind bars.
  • A drunk driver caused an accident involving Alia.
  • Alia claims that the SS in her username has no hidden meaning.
  • You can find Ashe, Lumpy, and Kaz in Alia’s canine family.
  • In 2016, a coyote attack killed Alia’s dog Tuna.
  • Certain individuals were led to believe that a woman known as “SSSniper Wolf” had previously worked as a pornstar and camgirl after seeing videos of her on sites like Pornhub, where she resembled Alia.
  • It was not Alia who was the model; rather, it was another woman named Kalyta who, according to Alia, lied about being her and profited from her likeness. Alia claims that she was the one who haggled with Pornhub over the terms.
  • Funny Yearbook Quotes was a video in which she claimed AzzyLand was an exact carbon copy of herself.
  • The antagonist from the Metal Gear series shares her name.

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How old is SSSniperWolf?

Alia Shelesh (SSSnipe rWolf) turns 31 in 2023. Her birthday is October 22, 1992.

What is SSSniperWolf’s real name?

True SSSniper Wolf is Alia Shelesh.

Where does SSSniper Wolf live?

American SSSniper Wolf. Arizona and other states were her home.

Is SSniperWolf married?

The latest data shows the SSSniper Wolf single. She split from Evan Young.

What happened to SSSniperWolf?

SSSniper Wolf remains on YouTube. She remains popular on social media despite career scandals.

Who is Sniper Wolf?

Gaming and reaction videos are SSSniper Wolf’s specialty. Her Let Us Play videos made her famous, and she has many social media followers.

Is SSSniperWolf single?

New information suggests SSSniper Wolf is single after divorcing Evan Young.

How old is Sniperwolf?

SSSniper Wolf turns 31 in 2023. Her birthday is October 22, 1992.

Is SSSniper Wolf?

British-American YouTuber SSSniper Wolf is known for gaming and reaction videos.

Why hasn’t SSSniper Wolf posted today?

SSSniper Wolf may miss posts due to breaks, scheduling, or personal issues. No day-specific data exists.

What is SSSniper Wolf age?

SSSniper Wolf turns 31 in 2023. Her birthday is October 22, 1992.

How old is SSSniper Wolf?

SSSniper Wolf turns 31 in 2023. Her birthday is October 22, 1992.

What is SniperWolf’s?

Alia Shelesh, aka SSSniper Wolf, makes reaction and gaming videos.

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