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Some best living room colour options for your home

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Painting is not a task that you would want to opt for over and over again. This is irrespective of whether you hire a professional company to help you with it or you choose to paint the interiors of your house, or certain parts of the house yourself. There is a lot that goes into the whole project till the task is completed to fruition. From budget to planning to buy the raw materials to packing the furniture to covering the extra aspects and items in the room, the task is not an easy one. Therefore, you would want to complete it once and for all without having to deal with any leftover parts of it for later.

The living room is the most-used room in the house. This is the room where the guests are entertained. Therefore, the living room is often the most well-planned and carefully charted out in terms of painting and décor. All eyes are literally on this room. Here are some amazing paint-related colours that you can try out for your living rooms in case you are thinking of a revamp.

  1. White (alone or in combination) – White colour is the most classic and timeless option of them all. You cannot go wrong with choosing this shade as it is capable enough to complement any other shade that you choose to combine it with. Moreover, it is also one of the most preferred and go-to shades especially when one is confused. There are different hues in white – warm, egg, bright, etc that one can go for. Choose white alone or pair it with other palettes like blue, green, pastel, etc depending on the look you want for the room or the existing furniture.
  2. Burnt Orange – Sounds odd? But it does not look odd one bit. This is one of the most rustic and earthy options that give your home a comfortable look and feel. The saffron colour is available in some different shade options as well. You can use the shade card or a sample paint on the walls and check how the shade looks in different lights during the day and night. You can also choose a more muted look by opting for an orange-ish shade but in a subtle manner. You can mix it with an overall white interior or can also choose a little bit of golden or brown to add to the combination.
  3. Gray – Spice up a plain and monochrome living room space with the help of this modern and contemporary shade that can look good against any furniture style. However, the best type of ambiance to pair up this shade of gray would be if the house has an overall modern interior décor. Consider a combination of warm shades that are complementary to the gray one like – blue or even a soft white. This would be one of the best ways to turn a space that is seemingly basic into something bold and beautiful.
  4. Blues – Who does not like the colour blue? It is one of the most commonly used shades in different parts of the house and can look very tasteful in the living room as well. Get some pieces of furniture to match the blue background and ensure that the space looks to the best of its capacity. This colour can make the space seem cozy and comfortable and can instantly give a warm vibe to the whole ambiance.

Go beyond these colours and opt for any shade that you deem fit for your living room.

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