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7 Living Room Trends From the Past That Need to Make a Comeback

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There are some things that are best left in the past. On the other hand, there are some trends from the past that were so cool that they are timeless and we need to bring them back!

Let’s talk about seven living room trends that we used to love but for some reason, they fell to the wayside.

Then, let’s bring them back to life!

Here are our favorite vintage living room trends that we want to see in homes today:

1. Bold Wallpaper

For the longest time, no one even dares speak of wallpaper in the interior design world.

At times, you may see a few rooms with some docile-looking wallpaper but what happened to the days when living rooms were clad wall to wall with a bold patterned wallpaper?

This vintage trend that was part of the Great Gatsby era created a room that demanded attention.

2. Graphic Art

The postmodernism style was in during the early 70s and lasted a couple of decades.

For interiors, this style came with bright colors, unorthodox combinations, and immense graphic art pieces. One of the biggest influential artists of this flashy movement was Andy Worhol with his pop art.

In this period, action figures were used in decor, and graffiti was viewed as wall art, not property damage.

3. Softer Lines

There was a time when curves and softer lines were the dominant silhouettes in architecture and design.

We need to bring back elegant archways that draw the eye up and open up a space like never before.

Round and arched bay windows add so much visual interest to a room, it’s a shame that they are so rare.

Begone with blocky, bulky couches, and bring back those delicate antique fainting sofas with a rounded back.

4. Natural Furniture

Speaking of curved furniture, remember those gorgeous rattan Papasan and peacock chairs? Those emanate such tropical regality that it feels like you need to hire servants to fan you with palms.

Natural furniture has all but vanished it seems, replaced by plastic, metal, and other synthetic materials.

There is nothing that can replace the natural beauty of solid wood furniture, cane framed furniture, and rattan woven furniture.

From couches, chairs, round end tables, and bookcases, all can be made from natural materials and create an oasis-style living room for you to enjoy.

5. Art Deco

In point #1 we discussed how bold wallpaper with vivid colors and patterns come from the Great Gatsby era.

Art Deco is the style of that era and the result when you incorporate this into your own living room decor is stunning.

This style uses geometric designs on the walls, fabric of your window coverings, and even in the moldings and doorways.

Accents of shiny metals, animal prints, and crystal provide the glam details that the roaring 20s depicted.

Walls and furniture were made of bold colors and comfortable elegance was of utmost importance. In fact, gem-colored velvet furniture pieces were very common.

While this style may not be well suited for families of young children, a newlywed couple can certainly enjoy the glamorous benefits of this living room style from the past.

6. Vintage Rugs

It seems that rugs have grown more and more into an afterthought instead of one of the key pieces of decor in a room.

Vintage rugs certainly don’t take a backstage pass to the show. They are in the limelight.

There are two types of rugs from the past that we should see more of. The first are the elegant antique rugs from Persian and Turkey artisans like the ones available from Lawrence of LaBrea.

The second is the bold and brightly colored rugs from the 60s and 70s that mimic the patterns of lava lamps and bubble gum.

7. Sunken Conversation Pits

Before we were so separated by personal devices, the living room was an area to share great moments and conversations.

To help create a more intimate experience, designers in the 80s began to include a sunken conversation pit in the middle of the living room.

These pits were just as they sound; lowered into the floor. The seating was built into the living room floor in a circular or squared shape with a central table.

Sometimes the table was left out entirely and the whole of the pit was one big cushioned seating area.

Maybe if there were more of these in our homes today, this generation would learn to share more face-to-face conversations.


Design styles from the past often face a revival, but it has to start somewhere.

Can you be a trendsetter and courageously design your living room with one of these vintage living room trends that oh so deserve a comeback?

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