Best modern fireplace ideas

Best modern fireplace ideas for a living room

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Are you lucky enough to possess a corner fireplace? If so, you’ll be trying to find ideas and inspiration to spruce up this area of your home. The fireside may be the main focus in your home and sometimes the primary thing people notice once they enter. The mantle serves as a direct visual point and there are many ways to decorate it.

Not every home can accommodate an outsized and spacious fireplace, so this is often where the DIY corner fireplace design comes into play. They can be placed in even the smallest corner and are guaranteed to give off that cozy and comfortable atmosphere all year round. With endless ideas for decorating fireplaces, no two fireplaces are the same. You can decorate this corner area during each changing season, you’ll update it with minimal cost and energy, and you’ll also add your personal touch to the present cozy area of your home.

Upgrading your existing corner Electric fireplace can show off a modern design style and enhance your home interior. It’s about complementing the unique aesthetic of your home, whether it’s a rustic farmhouse or a more modern contemporary style. From stone to wood to everything in between, the sky’s the limit in creating the corner fireplace of your dreams. There is also no limit to the form it can take.

Before you begin building, updating, or renovating your corner fireplace, it’s important to understand the design you’re trying to realize. For a dated fireplace design, you’ll want to stick with darker colors and add some wood and accent trim. For a more modern approach, using natural materials like glass, slate, or concrete will give your fireplace a more polished look. Symmetry is also an important aspect of the design, as it is a corner fireplace after all. You want a balanced look, so take note of the doors, windows, and the overall symmetry of the room. Furniture can help provide balance while making this area of the home more functional.

Ready to dive in and take note of some of the best modern and stylish corner fireplace ideas? Here are a number of the simplest corner fireplace design ideas and inspirations.

1. DIY rustic corner fireplace with wrap around mantel

There are many ingenious ways to integrate a fireplace into any room in your home. Transforming this once empty corner into a now cozy fireplace haven is a DIY dream project. This unique fireplace is located in the corner and exposed from two sides of the protruding wall, making it remarkable from various points of view. Along with the wood mantel that wraps from corner to corner, the white brick gives this fireplace a rustic feel. Leaving the red brick floor exposed makes this DIY corner fireplace look vintage with a contemporary update. Decorate this beautiful fireplace with photo frames, lanterns, hanging ornaments, and more.

2. Constructing a tall corner fireplace in the master bedroom

Who knew they sold DIY corner mantel kits that are stylish, unique, and inexpensive? With this tall DIY corner fireplace it is the design features that matter rather than the element of actual warmth. This project is about creating an environment for the master bedroom. With so many precautions when building a real wood-burning fireplace, it can be easier to create a freestanding fireplace that looks just like it. You can create a chic and stylish fireplace replica with the DIY corner fireplace mantel kit and additional shelving. By adding the exposed bookshelves, you’ll create a gorgeous collage of photos, plants, and yuletide decorations all year long.

3. Rustic Shiplap Built-in Cozy DIY Corner Fireplace

It can be difficult to find out how to change the design of a built-in fireplace or even add decoration to this area of the building. It can completely transform your once boring and basic corner fireplace area into a rustic retreat with a little wood accent. The background overlap adds a lot of texture and coziness to this space and by adding a mantle of wood just below the stately curved alcove this DIY corner fireplace stands out. Decorate this area with a mirror in the alcove/corner, add lanterns, candles, picture frames, or any other personal touches to this space for a cozy and inviting corner space.

4. Farmhouse style wood stove corner design

If you’re looking to update your dark and dated corner fireplace, all you would like maybe a little light. There are many ways to light up an area in your home and starting with white is one of the easiest ways to get started. By painting the dark bricks near your fireplace white, it instantly brightens up this corner space and the opacity is almost non-existent. Since this wood stove is black, the white accents contrast to make the surrounding area pop even more. Add some decor pieces like white vases, white flowers, and other light and natural accessories that are sure to give this corner fireplace design a brighter facelift.

5. Create a warm environment with a simple electric corner fireplace.

Don’t have a fireplace? That won’t be a problem with this Remote Control Corner Electric Fireplace. This corner fireplace features a programmable thermostat that has a heat coverage of nearly 1000 square feet along with a flickering flame effect and screen for optimal comfort. The fireplace has a simple yet elegant design that can be placed on hardwood floors or carpets and is lit by simply plugging in the appliance. Decorate the top of this convenient faux fireplace with candles, photos, plants, and more to create a cozy nook that can be placed in any area of your home for style and convenience.

6. Cozy Corner DIY Fireplace With Whitewashed Bricks

Gorgeous is an understatement in this fireplace room reveal. The raised concrete slab gives this DIY corner fireplace a kind of showcase feel as if you are at the front and center of a stage. The faux brick wall adds a rustic farmhouse feel, and the framed vintage portrait makes this space feel aged and aged. The wood stacked next to the wood stove is for decorative purposes, but it also adds a cozy atmosphere to the room. Since this corner fireplace sits in such a focal area of the home, it can do a lot with the design. Swap out the shelves by the fireplace with trinkets, books, and seasonal items to keep it fresh and cozy all year long.

7. Two-panel freestanding corner fireplace screen

The purpose of having a screen for your fireplace is primarily to prevent sparks from the fire from getting out and into the room. Most fireplace fires are caused by these sparks, so it’s important to protect your home by adding fire screen mounts. It also prevents children and pets from coming into direct contact with the fire. This two-panel freestanding fireplace screen is made from wrought iron and features two feet to hold it securely in place. One side can be easily opened to load firewood inside. This screen is custom-made to fit your fireplace, so each one is custom-made for you.

8. Chunky Rustic Pine Beam Chimney Cladding

Made from pine beams, this thick rustic cladding mantle adds depth and dimension to your DIY corner fireplace. Choose from dark chocolate, rustic walnut, smoked oak, weathered siding, or corral for the mantel finish. The pine beam mantels have been stained and polished with a heat-friendly source, making them safe to place above the fireplace. Fireplaces are a great way to create a wow factor for your fireplace. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, country, or industrial, having a sturdy pine beam mantle is a beautiful addition to your DIY fireplace. This list includes a comprehensive how-to guide along with tips for installing your mantel into masonry, brick, or drywall.

9. Rustic Hand Carved Solid Pine Fireplace

This sturdy hand-carved white pine mantel is made to order and measures 72 inches long with an 8-inch depth. There are five different staining options available using a tinted satin finish polyurethane that is safe around heat. Also, choose from a notched shelf, a standard shelf, or a shelf with four straps for various installation purposes. This listing does not include the brackets that serve as support, but they can be purchased separately. Shelves say a lot about the design style of a room, as well as highlighting the interests and personality of the owners. Display everything from art to flowers to memorabilia and collectibles on the mantel to add a decorative touch to this cozy little corner.

10. Weathered and reclaimed barn wood mantelpiece

Each of these hand-aged fireplace beams features an amazing wood grain, knots, and rustic effects for the perfect DIY rustic fireplace. Each beam has been individually cut and sized and will arrive ready to hang with easy-to-follow instructions included. Choose from a variety of lengths to fit your corner fireplace. The rafters also feature a water-resistant catalyzed topcoat and are hand-glazed and aged, making them a truly unique addition to your fireplace. Those who have bought this mantle say it was more than they bargained for. They also say that it is a beautiful focal point in their home and that it was very easy to install.

11. Beautiful farm home decoration poster

There are endless ideas for decorating fireplaces. Wood signs add a rustic touch to your home décor and look great on your mantel too. This horizontal handmade home sign features hand-painted lettering with the letter “o” replaced with a beautiful wreath of your choice. Choose from boxwood, silver nugget berries, or a cotton wreath for added customization. Each wooden sign is exclusive with grooves, knots, and various textures, so no two pieces of wood are equivalent. You can also choose a vertical option to stand by your fireplace if it doesn’t have a mantle.

12. Custom Hand Carved Solid Pine Fireplace Cladding

Having a mantel for your fireplace can add a dramatic impact to an area. Provides the perfect position to display portraits, antiques, chandeliers, plants, artwork, a mirror, and more. This hand-carved solid pine mantel would make a great addition to your DIY corner fireplace with several color options to choose from. No two rafters are exactly alike, making this a unique and custom feature of your focal fireplace. The mantelpiece is 66 inches long with a depth of 8 inches. Use your new mantle to display Christmas pictures or decorations all year long. Your new DIY corner fireplace will be a cozy corner for the whole family to enjoy.

13. Fireplace cabinet with corner TV cabinet in black

You can buy a ready-made corner fireplace rather than constructing one yourself. This 4-foot wide fireplace is made from high-quality MDF and durable laminate. It comes with a simple plug-in insert and fits TVs up to 50 inches. It also has a double-door storage cabinet on the side with tempered safety glass. This corner fireplace comes in black for a sleek, modern finish, perfect for almost any home design style. The freestanding fireplace also features flames that resemble a real fireplace and a heating vent for warmth. Place this beautiful fireplace unit in the corner of your master bedroom or main living room for a cozy and comfortable setting.

14. Wrought iron steel fire screen for corner fireplace

This handmade iron steel fireplace screen is two screens. One is securely mounted so it won’t budge, while the other opens via a hinge system that you can also lock in place to prevent little ones from opening it. The open hinge panel allows you to add firewood to your fireplace with ease. These screens are custom-tailored for your fireplace, so you will need to submit the exact dimensions of the fireplace opening when ordering. The steel fireguard comes well packaged for shipping and is straightforward to assemble and install. Having a screen for your fireplace not only protects your home from catching fire with sparks but also prevents children or pets from getting too close.

15 Corner fireplace design ideas that are cozy and inviting

Having a corner fireplace in your home offers several advantages. They are suitable for small spaces and can take a variety of shapes in a variety of materials to suit all decorating styles. Corner fireplaces provide space with a focal point and can leave additional wall space for installing cabinets, shelving, or other accessories. Corner fireplaces also add more interest to your space. The most obvious advantage of any fireplace is the comfort and warmth they bring to a room. They allow you to enjoy glowing embers and flickering flames regardless of the size or location of your room.

Corner fireplaces can be placed in almost any room in the house. From bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even dining areas, a hearth takes on a standard feel regardless of where it’s faraway faraway built or placed. You can easily create your dream fireplace or buy a best electric fireplace that offers the same overall concept using the design inspirations mentioned above.

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