Silly Mistakes & How To Correct Them in Online Cash Games of Texas Hold’em

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Cash games of Texas Hold’em poker can be misleading as you find an interesting spectrum of players on the tables, from professionals to beginners. That’s because everyone likes to take off the pressure from competing at tournaments and cash games act like a breather allowing you to win some quick money at a casual pace keeping the element of fun in place.

However, beginners who have recently taken the plunge to poker cash games need to understand the dynamics that separate these formats from one another and the difference in strategies to avoid making silly mistakes that could destroy your game.

Correct your Approach

The first step towards progress is to understand how cash games of Texas Hold’em poker should be approached. Treat it just like your regular home game you play with friends every now and then. Do not chase the money in cash games but play for pure fun. Try to capture the psyche of your opponents and profile them and take them one by one. Spot the fish and capitalize on his weakness. Since there’s no hurry, you are not supposed to show aggression in poker cash games, simply enjoy the game on its own pace and take it one hand at a time.

Stop Playing Every Hand

Since unlike tournaments of Texas Hold’em poker where you can’t afford to skip hands, online poker cash games offer you that liberty that you should use at all times. Skip weak hands and only play medium connectors to strong pairs that have the possibility to improve on the board. It is important to control your urge to see the flop every time, rather be more disciplined and protect your blinds if you do not want to run out of chips to soon.

Take them One by One

Online poker cash games could get monotonous and boring for most but if you are smarter, you will use your free time wisely. By this we mean, when you are not part of the action, do not stray your eyes here and there and distract yourself from the table. Take this time to observe your opponents and spot the weaker ones, the loose callers and the limpers whom you could value bet and multiply your returns.

As mentioned earlier, it’s easier and wiser to take on one guy at a time rather than playing against the whole table. They say poker cash games are a waste of time but we say, they are totally worth your time. Play it smart on decent intervals and you could earn a decent amount by the end of the month.

Everyone needs a break

We know how much you love the game but obsessing over it a tad bit much could destroy the purpose. Wins and losses are two sides of the same coin and you are supposed to take them gracefully without regret. Trying to cover your losses by playing more poker cash games online is a sign of unhealthy behaviour. Texas Hold’em poker is a complex game that requires a balanced mind to take favourable decisions at every turn.

Playing poker cash games with negative emotions such as anger, frustration, revenge or regret will only lead to some very rash decisions which you wouldn’t take otherwise with a sound mind. So, without second thoughts whenever you feel you are on the verge of tilting, take a break and forget about the whole thing and come back the next day!

Enough said, if you believe you are committing any one of these mistakes in online poker cash games, try correcting your approach with these tips and let us know if they helped you succeed better.

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