Pool Rummy: The New King of Online Rummy in India

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Bored of playing the same old games of Indian rummy? Fret not, online rummy sites in India have taken it up a notch by offering an intriguing version of the game that calls for some complex rummy skills on the tables. Pool Rummy is the answer to your boredom during this changing season!

This version of Indian rummy follows all the standard rules of online rummy, however, there are some unique Pool rummy rules that sets it apart from the regular version of 13 card game. Want to know all about it? Read along then.

Pool Rummy: A Quick Tour

Pool Rummy is a sub variant of 13 card rummy that is played between 2-9 players with a 52 card deck. A points based game wherein the ultimate goal is to score zero points by forming valid hand combinations and declaring your game first among all players.

The point where it differs from the regular variant is the junction at which players get eliminated automatically due to the failure of sticking to the minimum number of points required to stay in the competition. Pool Rummy is divided into two sub-variations due to this very rule of the game. Players can play either 101 Pool Rummy or 201 Pool Rummy, the point of difference being the cut off mark in each game that causes elimination.

Therefore, any player who reaches 101/201 points in 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy respectively is automatically thrown out of the competition without second chances. According to Pool Rummy rules, you have two main objectives-

  1. Meld all your cards with the correct combinations of sets and sequences and declare your game first among your opponents.
  2. Keep your score under the cut off limit i.e. 101 or 201 points depending on which variant you play to avoid elimination.

If you fail to meet the first goal, you lose the game and your money. Failing to stick to the second pre-requisite will get you busted immediately. The second rule commands equal attention especially if you are playing tournaments because failing to uphold it will stop your progress to the next round. So, the Pool Rummy rules makes you pull out all the stops due to the added demand of staying within the safe zone.

However, this feature of Pool Rummy could also be seen in a positive light because it keeps your score low, amps up the excitement and unlike other variants, you automatically lose less amount of money if you manage to stick to the rules.

General Pool Rummy Rules

Besides these unique rules, players must follow the general rules of the game. You need to make the following combinations to win a game of 101 Pool rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

  • Form valid combinations that must include a pure sequence
  • The rest of the cards must be sorted into valid sets and sequences
  • A joker can be used to replace any missing card in a set or a sequence
  • Players must make a valid declaration to win the game

The next question is, what kind of Pool Rummy games can you find in online rummy sites today? Typically, all rummy sites and apps host free games of Pool Rummy, however, if you wish to up the ante, hit the tables of RummyBaazi, an Indian online rummy app to play games of Pool Rummy all seven days of the week.

RummyBaazi hosts cash games of 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy for an amazing range of stakes and buy-ins that are spot on. You can play both variants for buy-ins as low as 5 Rupees and stand to win real money all the time.

Playing cash games on RummyBaazi also carries few perks of its own. All players can earn Reward Points on each cash game of rummy of any variant. Collect the desired number of Reward Points to unlock some awesome rewards from a huge bunch of Loyalty Rewards on RummyBaazi. Players can hit a total of 20 different levels to earn exciting prizes of all kinds- premium smartphones, latest gadgets, holiday packages and cash prizes worth up to 2LAC!

It’s the perfect season to double up your rummy action on the tables and entertain yourself with some mind-boggling action and claim some stunning rewards.

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