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Rick Moranis, Filmography, Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Biography

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On April 18, 1953, a man named FredeRick Allan Moranis came into this world in Canada. Among his many talents are those of songwriter, producer, musician, actor, and comedian. After his wife passed away in 1997, Moranis took a long break from acting to spend time with his two kids.

Even though it is more than 25 years since his last live-action film, he has done voice work for several animated features, such as Brother Bear (2003) by Disney. He did things like release comedic albums and go to fan conventions. After nearly 23 years without a live-action film, Moranis agreed to star in Shrunk in 2020. It is the sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

The Canadian actor, comedian, musician, songwriter, writer, and producer is named Frederick Allan Moranis.


NameFrederick Allan MoranisRick Moranis
Professionally KnownRick Moranis
Date of BirthApril 18, 1953
BirthplaceToronto, Ontario, Canada
Age70 years old.
ProfessionActor, comedian, musician, songwriter
Spouse nameAnne Moranis (married from 1986 until her passing in 1991)
HometownToronto, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac signAries
Marital statusWidowed

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Rick Moranis Birthday18 April


Rick Moranis Age70 Years


Rick Moranis Height in Feet5′ 6″
Height in Meters1.67m
Height in Centimeters167cm


Rick Moranis Weight in Kilograms58KG
Weight in Pounds128lbs

Early Life

In Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he entered this world as the son of middle-class Jewish parents. For his secondary education, he went to Sir Sandford Fleming. He and Geddy Lee, lead singer of Rush, went to elementary school together.

Unprovoked Assault Victim

An unknown assailant allegedly attacked actor Rick Moranis for no apparent cause. There was video evidence of the attack. An unknown assailant went up to 67-year-old actor Moranis and punched him in the head, sending him tumbling to the floor.

According to the New York Police Department, the incident occurred yesterday morning at approximately 7:30 a.m. in Central Park West, near West 70th Street, Manhattan. Supposedly, Moranis went to the hospital for treatment of hip, back, and head pain before reporting the crime to the New York City police.

Police offer rewards of up to $2500 to anyone who can identify the assailant; however, their identity remains a mystery as of this writing. ame came to Rick Moranis after his roles as Louis Tully in Rick Moranis Ghostbusters (1984) and Wayne Szalinski in the 1989 TV series Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

After his wife died in 1991, Moranis stopped making film and TV appearances. The Mint Mobile commercial he was in with Ryan Reynolds not long ago was the most recent one. His upcoming film Shrunk, where he plays Szalinski again, will mark his official return to acting.

Ghostbusters Reboot

A rare interview with THR confirms that the 1980s comedy blockbuster star is still very much involved in the entertainment industry. His family life, his twenty years of voice acting, and his thoughts on returning to the big screen are all topics he covers.

“I will keep being picky.”I have benefited from being picky. Rick Moranis 2023 is still going strong, despite what his Wikipedia page says and that he has yet to make many film or TV appearances in the last 20 years.

Rick Moranis Ghostbusters
Rick Moranis Ghostbusters

His wife Ann died of breast cancer in 1997, and he took 18 years off acting to focus on being a doting father to their two young children. He is very protective of them and refuses to tell anyone their names. I do not see this person very often, but you know who would be fantastic?

The actor says this while addressing his now-adult children. “Rick Moranis is considering getting returned in front of the cameras again,” Fred Armisen said during THR’s Comedy Actor Roundtable in August in response to a question about her ideal collaboration. To put it simply, his preferences when it comes to cameras are quite particular.

Personal Life

In 1986, Moranis tied the knot with makeup artist Ann Belsky. They became parents to a boy and a girl. In February 1991, he passed away due to cancer. Soon after that, Moranis began to pull away from the spotlight so he could devote himself fully to fatherhood.

An assault occurred in Manhattan near West 70th Street in New York City on October 1, 2020. It was an egregiously anti-Semitic game. His head, hip, and back were all slightly hurt. They informed the NYPD of what had transpired and then showed them the security footage from the attack. They finally caught the suspected perpetrator in New York City on November 14, 2020.

Rick Moranis Wife
Rick Moranis Wife


Before he became famous as an entertainer, Moranis worked as a disc jockey for three different Toronto radio stations in the 1970s. When flying, he went by the name “Rick Allan.” The 1976 season of CBC-TV’s comedy show “90 Minutes Live” was his television debut.

His 1984 breakthrough came with “Second City Television (SCTV).” His buddy Dave Thomas, a writer and an actor on the show, convinced him to return for a third season. His roles as David Brinkley and Woody Allen catapulted him to stardom.

In 1983, Moranis and Thomas brought “Strange Brew” to the big screen after their success as the “McKenzie” brothers. The brothers were famous for their witty catchphrases and parody of stereotypical Canadian men. Rick Moranis movies include a slew of film parts he landed in the following year. Working with Diane Lane and Michael Pare, he portrayed a somewhat darker character in “The Streets of Fire” than in “SCTV.”

In the same year, he went back to his comedic ways with “Ghostbusters” since he did not enjoy working on serious films. It was a smashing success, with over $200 million in U.S. box office receipts alone. “Little Shop of Horrors” (1986), “Spaceballs” (1987), “Ghostbusters II” (1987), “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” (1989), “Parenthood” (1989), “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” (1992), and countless more were among the top-grossing films of their respective years.

He became famous for his spot-on comedic timing and talent for making characters seem real in the 1994 film “The Flintstones,” which was Moranis’s last important role. Impressively, the crowd went wild for his portrayal of “Barney Rubble.” “Big Bully,” another 1996 movie from Moranis’s high-end productions, debuted. Tom Arnold co-starred with Steve Miner, who helmed the film. Despite having an interesting premise, the film bombed at the box office.

Rick Moranis Net Worth

Rick Moranis Net Worth in USD$ 10 Million Dollars
Net Worth in INR₹ 831249500

Rick Moranis Net Worth
Rick Moranis Net Worth

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Social Media

While cherished by generations of fans for his hilarious and heartwarming on-screen roles, Rick Moranis maintains a private personal life, rarely seen or heard from publicly these past decades since choosing to step back from the spotlight.

Absent from the online profiles that many celebrities use to connect with their global fan bases, Moranis prioritizes the well-being of his family above all else, content remaining quietly out of the lens of public scrutiny as he has for so long.

KulFiyRick Moranis


1982Twilight Theater
1983Strange Brew
1984Streets of Fire
1984The Wild Life
1984Hockey Night
1985The Last Polka
1985Brewster’s Millions
1985Head Office
1986Club Paradise
1986Little Shop of Horrors
1989Ghostbusters II
1989Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
1990My Blue Heaven
1992Honey, I Blew Up the Kid
1993Splitting Heirs
1994The Flintstones
1994Little Giants
1996Big Bully
1997Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
2001Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys
2003Brother Bear
2006Brother Bear 2
1982Twilight Theater

Rick Moranis Movies
Rick Moranis Movies

TV Shows

1981–1982SCTV Network
1983, 1989Saturday Night Live
1988The Best of SCTV
1990Gravedale High
1990The Earth Day Special
1992Shelley Duvall’s Bedtime Stories
1997Muppets Tonight
2003Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids
2007Bob & Doug McKenzie’s Two-Four Anniversary
2009Bob & Doug
2018The Goldbergs
2020Prop Culture
TBAAn Afternoon with SCTV

Rick Moranis Filmography
Rick Moranis Filmography

Songs List

  • 1989: You, Me, the Music and Me
  • 2005: The Agoraphobic Cowboy
  • 2013: My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs
  • 1981: The Great White North
  • 1983: Strange Brew soundtrack

Web Series Table

Rick Moranis, known for delighting audiences with his portrayals in comedic masterpieces such as “Ghostbusters,” “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” and “Spaceballs,” has left an indelible mark on the film industry, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s golden age of comedy.

However, Moranis seems to have no documented involvement in expanding his talents to the emerging medium of web-based serial entertainment.

Fun Facts

  • Rick Moranis wife Ann died of breast cancer in 1997, and he took 18 years off acting to focus on being a doting father to their two young children.
  • Some random people on the Upper East Side of New York City tripped him up as he walked down a street near Central Park on October 1, 2020. They proceeded to walk away while signalling tranquilly to a surveillance camera. After more than a month, the offender was finally subject to accusations of second-degree assault. It was Marquis Ventura, a man of thirty years of age. Rick sustained injuries to his back, hips, and skull. After informing the authorities of the incident, he managed to get himself to the hospital and receive medical attention. His condition was determined to be stable by the trauma team from the Manhattan Police Precinct. He said his sole objective was to identify the assailant, and he was grateful to everyone for their prayers and support.
  • When asked about his children in interviews, he flat-out refuses to mention their names.
  • He planned to come out of retirement in 2021 for the third Honey I Shrunk the Kids picture, where he will play Wayne Szalinski again.
  • Went to the celebration that would later turn into Steve Martin’s wedding.
  • While portraying the legendary comedian George Carlin on Second City TV in 1976, he did not make fun of Carlin but paid tribute to him. Carlin was going through a tough time in his life and career, but the imitation still hurt him. Moranis found out that Carlin disliked the impersonation when his daughter Kelly Carlin called him in 2015 to research her memoir. She found it heartwarming that he apologised for nearly an hour over the phone.
  • Shared the 1982 Top 40 Billboard single “Take Off” with Geddy Lee, lead singer of Rush, and Dave Thomas.

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What happened to Rick Moranis?

To devote more time to his loved ones, Rick Moranis left his acting career in live-action films in 1997. Following that, he dedicated himself to voice acting. Moranis may not be retiring after all, as he is reportedly ready for big roles, according to the news that he will appear in the forthcoming Honey I Shrunk the Kids film.

How tall is Rick Moranis?

Rick Moranis height is 168 cm (5’6″).

Why did Rick Moranis stop acting?

To devote more time to his loved ones, Rick Moranis left his acting career in live-action films in 1997. Following that, he dedicated himself to voice acting. Moranis may not be retiring after all, as he is reportedly ready for big roles, according to the news that he will appear in the forthcoming Rick Moranis filmography addition, Honey I Shrunk the Kids film.

How old is Rick Moranis?

His age is seventy.

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