Halloween Feast

Planning the Perfect Halloween Feast

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Halloween can be a very exciting time for people all over the world, and it’s not just kids that love to dress up at this time of year. Adults can also enjoy getting into the spooky spirit, and throwing a Halloween dinner party is a great way to celebrate with your friends while still keeping things a little bit sophisticated. So, although you might all come dressed up as your favorite scary characters, if you want to impress your guests with your culinary skills, here are some suggestions on what you should include for your Halloween feast.

Spooky Starters

Serving some light snacks or canapes before you sit down to eat is always a good way to tantalize your guest’s tastebuds, so this is a good place to start. Crostini is a great choice if you want a more sophisticated meal, but classics like chips and dips, olives, and even a selection of mixed nuts to serve with pre-dinner drinks can work well.

When you do finally make your way to the dinner table, good options for your first course include a seasonal soup (pumpkin soup would be particularly festive), or a sharing charcuterie board is always a popular choice. Light salads can also work well, especially if you include ingredients like sweet potato, roasted beetroot, or carrots in the mix. You can make both your canapes and starters fit your Halloween dinner theme through clever presentation and using décor props on the table.

The Main Course

When your guests have had some time to digest their first course, it’ll be time to fill their stomachs with your magnificent main course. Casseroles and roasts can be perfect for this time of year, as they are both delicious and comforting. There are also a lot of great vegetarian and vegan versions of these dishes if you or any of your guests don’t eat meat. Pies can also fit well at this time of year, and you can shape the pastry on top into Halloween-themed motifs to add a playful touch to the meal.

Delightful Desserts

Every dinner party needs to be completed with an incredible dessert to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth, and this is another great opportunity to show off your culinary skills. Cheesecake can be a good choice if you want something a bit lighter as your final course, or even making mousse from scratch. If you want to show off your artistic skills, consider baking an amazing cake with Halloween decorations to be the final act at your dinner party. You can use these Halloween stencils for cakes for a professional finish.

After-dinner Cocktails

It can be fun to wash down your meal with a refreshing beverage, so when you have all had your fill around the dinner table, why not serve up some fun cocktails? You can use grenadine to make these drinks appear as red as blood, or put some fake eyeballs or other creepy items to make it appear like a witch’s broth. You can all take turns being the mixologist and perhaps even invent a special Halloween cocktail yourselves!

If you are planning to host a Halloween dinner party this year, use the suggestions above as the inspiration for your menu.

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