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5 rituals for Halloween night that you did not know

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Attract good luck, love, or fortune. Some believe that the night of October 31 is ideal to play witches and cast spells that attract prosperity.

Rituals and spells to improve aspects such as beauty, love or prosperity are not exclusive to the night of June 24. In fact, in the Anglo-Saxon world and some Latin American countries, Halloween is the night of witches par excellence. According to Celtic tradition, on the night of October 31, the borders between the natural and the superhuman cease to exist and the dead take advantage of the moment to roam the world of the living. And it is precisely this supernatural character that hundreds of people across the pond take advantage of to cast their spells.

Moon ritual

To do it correctly you need to get a glass box. At midnight, move to a place that receives the light of the moon. Concentrate on it and place it inside the box, while you repeat: “In this receptacle of clear material I keep this unparalleled force.” Before the year is up, you can use the power imprisoned within the box up to three times to gain the strength, confidence, and positive energy you need to reach a certain goal. To do this you must open the box while repeating: “Fragment of lunar power that you see here, grant me your power for the first time.” As you say this, you must visualize what you want to achieve. The next two times you should change “for the first time” and say “for the second time” and “for the third time”, respectively.

Protect home and business

This ritual is simple and widespread both in America and in areas where the Celtic culture persists. On Halloween night, you should go out into nature to collect leaves and typical autumn fruits, such as chestnuts or apples. To protect the home, they should be placed in all the corners in an odd number and, in those of the business, to attract prosperity. You can also pick laurel and put it on the front door. Everything must be removed on November 3, giving thanks for the protection that will last all year.

Ritual of abundance on Halloween night

In a lump of clay or ceramic bowl, 7 grains of rice, a handful of oats, and alfalfa sprouts are placed. Everything is lit with a match and a little charcoal while going through the home ‘smoking’ each room. You must ask for prosperity to come to your home and your family. If you also add a little rue, you will be cleaning and protecting your house from any negative influence. When the fire burns out, bury everything in the nearest garden.

Ritual of love

Take a glass of water, a bowl, a couple of cinnamon sticks, and a red candle into a quiet room. Write on a piece of paper your name and six aspects of your relationship, or of the ones you have had so far, that have hurt you and you do not want to repeat it. Light the candle. Read aloud three times what you have written and visualize all that walking away. Burn the paper in the bowl with the cinnamon, and put it out when it has burned with the water in the cup. From the window, throw the content away from you and let the red candle burn out to make your relationship healthier and happier, or attract the love of these characteristics.

Ritual to attract luck

On Halloween night, place a chestnut on a white cloth for each member of the family, on which the initial of each person will have been drawn with white paint or marker. Cover the chestnuts with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks and close the cloth with a knot. The next morning, each member is given an amulet to keep on their nightstand. The chestnut will provide luck all year round.

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