Orthopedic Injuries Women

Orthopedic Injuries Women Are More Prone To

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Everyone is prone to injuries whether men or women or older or younger, thus, it may be wrong to say that this injury only occurs in men not women. But yes, there are several injuries or conditions that are seen more in women than men or vice-versa. In this post, we will discuss some orthopedic injuries that are more common in women, but they could occur in men as well.

Most Common Orthopedic Injuries Experienced by Women

Orthopedic injuries could be serious and if ignored the condition could become worse. In the case of fractures, especially where the dislocation of broken bone fragments is noticed, surgery may be required and it often involves the use of Orthopedic Trauma Implants.

Let us see orthopedic injuries that are seen most commonly in women.

Frozen Shoulder

This is the condition that is characterized by inflammation of tissues in the shoulder joint and stiffness. As per the study, this condition is more common in women and is generally seen after the immobilization of the shoulder for a time period due to any injury or after surgery. The age group in which this condition is more common is between 40 and 60.

ACL Injuries

These are the situations where a sprain or tear occurs in the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is known to be one of the strong tissue bands that are present between the femur and tibia. These injuries are most commonly seen in athletes as their activity involves a sudden change in the movement and direction like in football, hockey, and soccer.

Now, you must be thinking that if ACL injuries occur in athletes so why it is there in this list as both men and women play sports. The reason behind this is that some studies have found that the chances of ACL injuries are more in men than in women.

Ankle Injuries

Men and women have anatomical and physiological differences like genetics, hormonal function, and structural anatomy. Due to this, both men and women are prone to certain specific injuries. Likewise, ankle injuries are seen more in women than men and the reason behind that is the difference in the stabilizing techniques. Another point to be noticed here is that women who wear high-heels also suffer from ankle injuries, and such cases are rising.


A neuroma is a condition that is also known as a “nerve tumor” and it generally occurs between the third and fourth toe. This is a painful condition that is also characterized by excessive irritation. One of the most common reasons why neuroma occurs is due to wearing improperly sized shoes. Remember, a neuroma is a benign tumor of nerve, meaning it is not cancerous.

Thumb CMC Arthritis

This is the condition where arthritis occurs at the junction of the wrist and thumb joint, also known as the carpometacarpal joint. This location is known to be one of the most common in women for developing arthritis and the reason behind that is thought to be increased levels of estrogens. In some serious cases of thumb CMC arthritis, surgery may be required and it may involve osteotomy, arthrodesis, Trapeziectomy, or arthroplasty.

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