Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

What Are the Common Foot and Ankle Injuries?

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Feet and ankle play an important role in our daily lives right from the morning when we step down from our bed. Now imagine that there is an injury in your ankle or foot, how your morning will start? Sounds painful, right? Yes, this is how it will be and when the morning doesn’t start on a good note, a whole day might be ruined.

Foot and ankle injuries could be serious and if the fracture is there, the condition could become worse. A dislocated fracture may require surgery involving the use of Titanium Orthopedic Screws and other trauma implants. In this post, we will discuss some of the common foot and ankle injuries that are reported.

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries


Osteoarthritis is known to be the most common cause of pain in the foot and ankle. This is a degenerative condition where the cartilages present in the joint ends wear away. Cartilages serve as cushions and when they start degrading, joints start hurting.

There is no definitive cause of osteoarthritis as it could gradually occur when a joint is used consistently. In this process, injury occurs and it may directly damage the cartilage. In certain cases, the working of the joint is also changed and with time deterioration occurs.

More than 70% of cases of arthritis reported in the foot and ankle area are due to previous injuries, meaning post-traumatic.


Bursa is present in the foot and ankle to prevent friction between the bone and tendons. They are nothing but small fluid-filled sacs and when these sacs become inflamed, pain is what the person will experience. This also results in the inability of the person to move comfortably. Resting and application of ice is the best treatment of bursitis. Besides this, the doctor may also prescribe NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Hammer Toes

This is the condition where the second, third, or fourth toe is bent at the middle joint resembling a hammer. Hammer’s toe is seen when an imbalance occurs in the surrounding muscles, ligaments, or tendons that generally help in keeping the toes straight. If this condition is ignored, surgery may be required.

Tendon and Ligament Injury

Tendons play an important role in holding muscles to the bones by serving as a band. While on the other hand, ligaments play an important role in supporting the joints. Now, when the injury occurs to the tendon or ligament and they become torn, the foot and ankle become unstable. Such conditions are very painful and swelling may also be seen. Surgery may be required if the tendon and/or ligament are completely torn.

Ankle Instability

Ankle Instability is the condition where the person is not able to put weight on it as its outside part constantly gives out. This condition could arise while running or walking on uneven surfaces. If this condition occurs, again and again, chronic ankle instability may be seen. Athletes playing high-intensity sports like basketball, gymnastics, football, or cricket are prone to developing chronic ankle instability.

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