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Oracle Test Automation Testing: Significant Advantages

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By using automated testing instead of manual testing, a lot of time and money can be saved. Companies that use manual testing methods have to move too quickly and risk their apps breaking, or they have to move too slowly and miss out on efficiencies. With Oracle EBS automated testing, businesses don’t have to choose between speed and accuracy. Instead, they can test all of their mission-critical business processes in record time and be sure they won’t fail.

Getting Costs Down

Even though most people think the opposite, automated testing is cheaper than manual testing. This is because manual testing methods don’t make it easier to do repeated tests. Because of this, the cost of testing your apps just goes up over time as more and more work is needed to keep them running.

On the other hand, automated testing saves money in the long run because test scripts can be used again and again without having to pay for new development.

Minimizing Danger

Oracle has to send updates to its clients at least once every three months. Each update includes more than a thousand changes. In a test environment, businesses will only have two weeks to see how these changes work.

Manual testing is too risky because the number of updates, the importance of the changes, and the short amount of time to test make it hard to make sure that all the tests are covered. In other words, two weeks is not nearly enough time to test all of a company’s operational procedures by hand in detail.

The Ability to Grow and Make More

Thanks to automated testing platforms, teams can now easily make strong tests that don’t need much or any maintenance. You can use the ones you make over and over again. Also, no help from a person is needed for these tests to be successful.

Because the tests can run on their own, software engineers, QAs, and business users may be able to spend less time testing and more time doing other important things.

Best Test Coverage

Oracle clients have a big problem with not knowing how much testing will be done. Spending time and money on testing steps that aren’t necessary is a waste of both. If important procedures are not tested, there is also a chance that they will fail. Their research shows that most businesses only really test about 40% of their business processes.

With a powerful test automation platform, it’s no longer a guessing game to figure out what should be tested. The platform connects to an organization’s real-world infrastructure and keeps very detailed records of what its business users do. Based on the information in the logs, the platform then suggests which processes need the most testing and gives a simple way to automate those tests.

Easy to Figure Out What Needs to be Tested

Every three months, as they talked about, Oracle customers get a lot of updates. Due to how customized most Oracle installations are, these changes will have different effects on different customers. Because changes that seem small can have big effects on how well things work every day, all changes must be carefully looked at to see how they affect the status quo.

A powerful test automation platform for EBS 12.2 upgrade will show you exactly what has changed in your transactions, setups, and custom displays after every update. Also, it doesn’t take long to see how these changes will affect testing.

Improved Diagnostic Precision

Automated testing is reliable than testing by hand because it needs less input from a person. Testing by hand is boring, so people make mistakes when they do it. Machines don’t get bored or make mistakes like that while they’re testing, which is a good thing.


At last, automated testing from Opkey gives you feedback right away, which is a huge plus. Continuous test execution lets testing teams know right away when a test fails, so they can fix the problem before it gets worse.

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