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How to Use Logo Animation to Promote your Brand

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Logo animation is a popular tool of choice for marketers and is currently growing in popularity among companies. However, it can be difficult for brands to put together a coherent promotional animation campaign.

In fact, the tools for creating logo animation are somewhat limited. And many brands end up creating a marketing campaign around a visual that doesn’t actually help drive sales.

Want to avoid this pitfall? Here’s our cheat sheet for creating a logo animation campaign that will get results.

Don’t focus on just one visual element

The first thing many people do with logo animation is choose a single visual element and only animate that one. And that’s a mistake. As many advertising and marketing consultants will tell you, visuals are great. But they are just one part of a good logo animation campaign.

For example, if your brand uses a lightning bolt as its logo, choose an animation that includes more than just that one visual element. Use animation that adds motion or drama to other elements of your brand’s visual identity.

For example, how about animated logos for events, products, and services? These elements allow you to create an atmosphere that evokes excitement and energy.

Pick your software and design tools carefully

There are several options when it comes to producing a logo animation. There’s the well-known Adobe Premiere Pro software. There’s also Adobe After Effects software.

Some companies opt for After Effects. Others choose to use Adobe Illustrator. SVGator’s logo animation tool has advanced built-in animation features to help you animate your logo with only a few steps.

A good example of an animated logo with impressive animation features would be the one created by Oracle’s Lightspeed Innovation. You can see it below.

The logo animation is well designed and properly integrated into Oracle’s branding. For many companies, that’s the ideal outcome.

Reduce the animation to the essentials

Some companies create animations using a really elaborate process. That might include creating a mockup, developing a storyboard, and then producing 3D animations using After Effects. That’s a lot of work!

You can get the same effect with fewer steps by producing your logo animation using a tool like SVGator.

The tool lets you import your company’s logo as an SVG (scalable vector graphic). Then you import a few layers of animation and effects, and away you go!

Find your audience’s pulse

To be sure, the best logo animation campaign has lots of elements. But the key element is to find the audience’s pulse. If your audience is feeling excited or excited about your brand, you will likely experience an uplift in sales.

A good way to test your audience’s feelings is by polling them through social media. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will understand if you’re reaching your audience.

Give your brand meaning with symbols and action

One of the easiest ways to make a logo animation feel purposeful is to find meaningful symbols that represent your brand. For example, the symbol for Apple can include the apple, the smiley face, and the spaceship.

The key is to avoid over-used symbols. When you use symbols with consistency and appropriateness, your audience will understand the meaning of your animation better and it will make the animation more meaningful.

Tell a story

One of the most powerful features of an animated logo is the ability to tell a story. That can include an animation that incorporates a series of actions, or it can be a series of still images.

The key is to use a series of still images with a consistent flow and narrative. For example, if you’re animating a launch, perhaps you could begin with a rocket in space before a countdown to launch, and a flurry of light and color.

This approach not only gives your audience a story, but it also helps them follow your brand’s story. They’ll be more invested in your brand, which can be a good thing.

Another good story structure you can use is a series of animations that convey a core idea, such as “happy time.” The key is to get your audience to feel the emotion you want them to feel.

Consider your audience’s media preferences

When creating an animated logo, you need to consider several important aspects, including how the design is presented and how it is distributed.

For example, some brands like a beautifully designed animation with professional-looking animated elements. For others, they prefer the more casual feel of a GIF animation.

Once you understand your audience’s media preferences, you’ll be better able to incorporate the best animation elements to achieve the desired effect.


Logo animation can be an effective advertising tool if you know how to approach the animation.

If your logo is complex or fancy, you can save time and money by using a more simplistic approach. But if you are looking to create a story around your logo, an animated logo is a good choice for your brand.

Adding animation to your logo won’t save you time, but it will enhance your brand. You can use the same principle for your ecommerce site design and landing page.

In addition, animated logos can increase sales and lead-generation.

Which technique is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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