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Not Generating Enough Leads As a Realtor: How Real Estate Postcards Can Help

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So you have just gotten your real estate license and are ready to conquer the industry. Many have been in your shoes before, and just like you, they were excited to get to work, and just like you, after a few weeks, that excitement turned into panic. Once you have exhausted your connections, where do you turn for leads? It’s a struggle every new realtor must face. To get a better reputation in the real estate market, you must research how to get a real estate license and get one for yourself.

There are, of course, the industry-standard practices every realtor must take, such as building a website, going to networking events, and getting active on social media. However, one lead-generating marketing practice stands above them all, and they are real estate postcards.

This article will break down what precisely real estate postcards are and how they can help you generate leads. Afterward, you can visit Wise Pelican for a wide variety of templates and ordering options.

What are Real Estate Postcards?

You have more than likely received a few of these in the mail before. Real estate postcards are postcards sent from a realtor or real estate agency advertising a house for sale, its services, or its brand.  Traditionally, a real estate postcard will have high-quality images of the house for sale or a headshot of the agent. There will also be contact information for the realtor, and usually some other tidbits of information essential to the card, such as the asking price for the house being listed or just sold, and maybe even the average selling price of a home in the neighborhood you are working in.

How Do Real Estate Postcards Help Agents

The most significant benefit real estate postcards have in the world of marketing is their ability to target a specific audience. Typically, realtors use postcards within a particular neighborhood they see great potential in and want to target.

Another benefit is that realtor postcards can’t be easily ignored like other marketing methods like emails and text. Everyone checks their mail, and if you design your postcard well or use a high-quality template like those from Wise Pelican, you can make an excellent first impression that sticks even if they only briefly scan through the card.

Another crucial benefit that real estate postcards provide is their ability to scale with your growing business. If one of your postcards is doing better than the other, you can easily order and send more out. The same is true in reverse; if some of your cards are not as effective, you can decrease or abandon that one altogether without taking a loss.

Real Estate Postcards is the Ultimate Way To Generate Leads

Real estate postcards are a must-have tool for every successful realtor, and it has been for decades. The success rate of postcard mailing has remained steady even after the internet and social media have taken the world by storm. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how real estate postcards can help you generate leads and stand out in your marketplace.

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