Los Angeles Real Estate Opportunities

Los Angeles Real Estate Opportunities

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With Los Angeles being the impressively large city that it is, there are always opportunities for growth. One field that continues to grow is real estate. Steven Taylor is one of the many successful real estate agents in LA who has been running his family-owned business since 2013.

Steven Taylor’s Early Business Success

The Steven Taylor Los Angeles real estate mogul didn’t start out as a success. He had to work his way slowly to the top. After college, he started out as a real estate broker. Working with his mentor, he learned the tricks of the trade. As the two continued to work together, they began buying property together.

One of Taylor’s biggest successes happened early on in his career when he bought a property (at only 24 years old) and managed to flip it in just a matter of days! With this success, he opened his first business, Ness Holdings Inc., in 2008. The success he earned from this business helped him to open Taylor Equities, his current company, in 2013.

Steven Taylor’s Real Estate Team

Of course, Taylor couldn’t do it all on his own. Steven Taylor LA Equities has several real estate experts helping every step along the way. Some of the biggest players on his team include Rick Shugarman (director), Rosey Alvarez (controller), Zach Weiss (asset manager), Chai Mojar (staff accountant), and Chase Jeffries (construction manager). Each of these team members does their part to keep Taylor Equities running as smoothly as possible.

Steven Taylor’s Work with Brokers

Steven Taylor Equities also, as of 2021, continues to work with outside brokers who wish to share in his success. After earning over $500 million since the company’s birth, why wouldn’t a broker want to work alongside Taylor and his team? Brokers who choose to work with Taylor Equities are given broker protections, equity participation, a promise that the listing will always be given back to the agent that sold the property, and of course, a sizeable commission (which adds up to about five percent or more of the property selling price) to top the whole thing off.

If you have ever wanted to make it big in the nitty-gritty real estate business in LA, then consider getting to know Steven Taylor. Working alongside him as a broker or future team member, or ven studying and learning from his successes, can help to make any broker or real estate agent better at his or her job.

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