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Newest interior design trends of 2021

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If you’ve been looking to update your home or are simply interested in seeing what’s popular right now, you’ve come to the right place. From kitchen updates to colour palettes, 2021 is bringing us some absolutely stunning styles that we can’t wait to see in homes across the country!

1. Sage green

A colour that pairs perfectly with a pastel pink or a soft white, sage green is creeping into rooms throughout the house. It works well in bedrooms, especially with silver accessories to really tie it together, but our personal favourite location for this colour is in the kitchen.

Whether you want to bring in a touch of sage into the room or go all out, it’s very versatile and looks effective every time. It also looks stunning as cupboards, giving your kitchen a welcoming, warm feel while being incredibly modern and sleek.

2. Boho

This style has been developing over the last couple of years, but we’re seeing it develop more now, and we’re so glad that it is! A lovely style with Aztec inspiration and a perfect balance between bright colours and the monotone classics, this is a trend that is welcome throughout the house.

A style best expressed in accessories, think rugs, throws, and cushion covers that you can add to your home. It also translates beautifully into wall art, perfect for breaking up white walls with cute canvases and framed pieces.

3. Marble tiles

The best part of this trend is that you can customise it to colours that work best for you – the classic style is white tile with a grey marble running through it which looks fantastic in bathrooms and kitchens, but if you’re looking for something a little brighter there are still plenty of options.

We’re seeing black tiles with white marbling popping up in more homes, which creates a stunning effect and completely transforms a bathroom. For those who aren’t ready to take the plunge into black tiling but want something different to the standard white, a gold addition to the marble effect is gorgeous; you can pick any colour you desire. Playing with the size of the tile also gives an amazing effect – bigger tiles make a room look more spacious, perfect for anyone who wants to update their bathroom after asking themselves, “what improvements will help me sell my house fast?”.

4. Warm, earthy tones

Previously, all-white homes were the go-to, but now more of us are moving away from this colour palette and exploring something brighter. This trend stems from the lockdowns over the last year, and with so many of us being at home more than ever before, strong shades of burnt orange and taupe are our way of bringing some of the outside world into our homes.

These earthy tones look beautiful on their own, but when paired with another deeper colour, create a contrast that no one can resist. Our favourite combo that we’ve seen so far is terracotta tones and warm browns paired with a deep, intense blue – one we’re keen to bring into our own home!

5. Handle-less units in kitchens

The desire for a sleek, smooth home is wildly popular across the country, and updating kitchens with handle-less cabinets are a perfect way to achieve it. It will make your cabinets look larger, keep them cleaner, and give a better flow than kitchens with handles offer – all things that a lot of homes look for.

It will also stop the risk of you slamming any cupboard doors, as they are usually either magnetic or mechanical, which reduces the risk of causing damage and creating unnecessary noise, as well as looking much more streamlined. This is a wonderful trend for minimalist houses and makes a really big difference compared to those cabinets with handles.

6. Self-care spa vibes

Bathrooms see a variety of new trends each year, but this one is by far the best and one we hope will stay for a long time. Being able to practice self-care and look after our minds and bodies has become more important than ever, and having a relaxing space to do this in is imperative.

Bathroom renovations are being inspired by spas, with deep-set stand-alone baths, underfloor heating, and waterfall showers, just some of the most popular choices entering homes. Bamboo is also being welcomed in, pairing beautifully with black features, changing a bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful environment to unwind in.

7. Textures

There are all sorts of textures that are cropping up in homes, especially wooden-inspired accessories. This can be in the form of furniture or accessories, which allows you to bring it into the house in a way that suits you, rather than feeling like you have to replace all of your houseware to achieve the style.

The wooden texture works really well with both cool and warm tones, making it an even more versatile style that’s welcome in every home, but our personal favourite is seeing it paired with deep colours, like black or emerald green, to really make it stand out.

These are just a few of our favourite trends, but there are plenty more out there to inspire you. We already can’t wait to see what the rest of 2021 brings us!

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