6 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

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6 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen design is a fickle subject. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. Much of it is down to lifestyle and decisions of the homeowner. There are, however, common mistakes in kitchen design. Here are six of them.

Bad Kitchen Lighting

This room is one area wherever you can’t afford to own poor lighting. It’s not simply a matter of excellent style and atmosphere. Correct room task lighting is safety is very important once it involves handling sharp knives and alternative kitchen tools.

Plus, the better the lighting within the area, the higher you’ll be able to boost your style components.

Use pendant lights or a series of mini-pendants to reinforce the wonder and practicality of the room. Pendants look nice higher than room sinks, whereas a series of mini-pendants work brim over breakfast bars and room islands. Install under-cabinet lighting to form positive that the counters have ample lighting for common room tasks.

Poor Ventilation

The best kitchen style fades within the presence of pungent preparation odors. If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home and smelled last night’s fish lingering within the air, you’ll perceive the importance of excellent ventilation.

Inexpensive vary hoods merely flow into dirty, stale air, whereas a decent ventilating system can improve the standard of your indoor air. It conjointly helps keep your room cleaner and extends the lifetime of your appliances.

Although it is a giant investment, a decent ventilating system makes preparation and feeding a lot of pleasant, particularly if your room opens to a living space or rec room.

Going Too stylish

Although it’s not essentially miscalculation, the most recent room trends and high-end instrumentation might not be the simplest selections. stylish colors and styles have a brief time period, and you’ll ne’er see a come-on your massive investments within the latest kitchen utensil. hunt for room innovations and appliances that are unchanged.

Ignoring Your Recycling

As recycling becomes even a lot of necessary, managing trash in room style has gone on the far side jutting a bin underneath the sink. create a concept to manage your trash expeditiously and responsibly — incorporate sorting bins for recyclables into your room style.

Choosing the incorrect room Island

When it involves room islands, we tend to typically think about further storage, preparation and serving house within the room. However, you’ll be shocked to be told that room islands will waste plenty of houses. selecting the incorrect island or putting it within the wrong spot is a multitude, particularly in an exceeding workspace that gets to a fault littered.

Islands that impede the flow of traffic to and from the sink, icebox, stove, and first workstations can produce bottlenecks. associate degree island ought to be a minimum of four feet long and a couple of feet deep and it desires enough area for folks to maneuver and work around it. 

Skipping the Backsplash

When budgeting or coming up with a replacement room or rework, the backsplash generally slips to the tip of the list. Or worse, it’s ignored altogether. this might prevent cash within the short term, however, within the long haul, it’ll price you plenty of your time and energy.

Think about all the steam, water and grease within the room, and you’ll perceive why putting in a backsplash higher than the cooktop and counters could be a good thanks to keeping your room clean. It’s a lot of easier to scrub grease off a backsplash product of tile, metal or plastic than paint or wallpaper.

Not utilizing kitchen design professionals

Starting a room style project to avoid wasting money could be a common mistake; it will really waste extra money, time and energy if you are doing it wrong. skilled designers have the most recent concepts and knowledge, and that they will assist you to determine your desires and translate them into an economical arrange that matches your style and budget.

The right Perth kitchen designer, the better. Choose one to suit your behavior and personality.

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