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Top Tips for Storage in Sydney

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As kids grow up, they move out of the house for studies or a job. This is the time you would want to downsize your house. You might be happy to know that there are many benefits of staying in a small house such as less cleaning a low tax rate. However, you might be thinking of the extra baggage you will have to adjust in your small house or the large electronic equipments or the couch you love. You don’t want to sell them but have no space for them. Storage units with Storage Plus Sydney give you the flexibility to do that.

Tips and Tricks

The best option to save your belonging would be to get No-Lease storage unit. However, you need to follow certain tips for storage so that your storage is safe and organized.

1. Dryer Sheets: The important part of storing is that the items are kept safe from pests. Spiders, moths and many other pests find way to attack your belongings and wreak havoc on them. To save them from these pests you can use dryer sheets. Always put them in a corner or inside the box. These boxes have a smell which keeps the pests away. Thus, leaving your belonging safe. Make sure to change the sheets every month to keep the pests away. It is a tedious task but it is worth it.

2. Stack Your Belongings: The smaller the storage area the lower the rent. So, it you want to save some money you can surely go for the smaller storage units. If you want to accommodate all the belongings you need to stack all your boxes on top of each other. You can use shelves to stack the items you have kept in the storage unit.

3. Protecting Valuables: When you are planning to keep you home items in a storage unit you should take extra precaution to pack it. You never know, while moving the items in the storage you might break it. So always wrap the items which are made of glass or ae delicate in a bubble wrap so that it is protected.

4. Labels: Make sure to label the boxes when you are done with the packing. Label it correctly so that you know what items are there in the box. Write about all the major things you have kept in the box so that it is easier for you to find them when required.

5. Disassemble: Many electronic and furniture are huge and take a lot of space when kept. Make sure to disassemble the electronics and furniture and stack the items in a stack and keep the screws of the products in a small plastic with them. In this way you will be able to save space and use it for other items.

6. Leather: If you have a leather sofa and are planning to keep it in the storage unit until you move to the new place. Make sure to use a leather conditioner to keep in good shape. This makes sure that the furniture is kept properly in the storage unit.

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