Inga Naan Thaan Kingu Movie Review

Inga Naan Thaan Kingu Movie Review: Free Tickets Will Be Available for Women and Disabled People

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Inga Naan Thaan Kingu Movie Review

Inga Naan Thaan Kingu’ Movie Review: Inga Naan Than Kingu is a 2024 Indian Tamil-language action-comedy film directed by Anand Narayan, written by Ezhisur Aravindhan and produced by Gopuram Films. The film is hitting the theaters from May 17, 2024.

The film was screened at Raja Theater and PVR Cinemas in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. The film stars cast Santhanam along with Priyalaya and Thambi Ramaiah in the lead roles, and also features Vivek Prasanna, Bala Saravanan, Munishkanth, Lollu Sabha Maran, Swaminathan, Kool Suresh, Lollu Sabha Seshu and Manobala.

Release Date17 May 2024
LanguageTamil and Hindi
Romeo CastSanthanam, Priyalaya and Thambi Ramaiah
DirectorN. Anand
WriterEzhisur Aravindhan
CinematographyOm Narayan
MusicD. Imman
ProducerG.N. Anbuchezhian, Sushmita and Anbuchezhian
ProductionPrathool N.T.


Comedian turned hero Santhanam plays the role of Vetri, a man who wants to get married but is unable to get a girl. So what does he do? He joins a matrimonial company as an employee! “Sweet Kadai-La Vela Panna Rendu Meetha Sapt Thappa? “(If a person working in a sweet shop eats two sweets, is it a sin?), Vetri told his manager, when asked why he was more interested in marrying himself than in achieving the goal. Why keeps getting married to other people?

The story of the film mainly revolves around two things, Vetri wants to marry a girl and live a peaceful life but his life gets disturbed by a bomb threat in the city.


The fresh plot and an interesting story make director Anand Narayan’s Enga Naan Than Kingu quite entertaining. The film’s humorous dialogues grab your attention right from the start, and most of the jokes in it generate laughter. Santhanam seems to have regained his charm but delivers what is expected of him in a lead role, cleanly and without any fuss. Debutant actress Priyalaya, who plays the female lead Thenmozhi, is easy to catch the eye as she quietly slips into her character and comes up with a credible performance.

Overall, Enga Nan Than Kingu is a mildly entertaining film that doesn’t have any message, but which largely succeeds in its mission of making you laugh.


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