In-House v/s Outsourced: Pros and Cons!

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Customer satisfaction has always been supreme and will be the top measuring factor for any business success. Customer experience can make or break a business, which is why focusing on efficient service to users is essential. When a company thinks of expanding its services, it has two options- Manage services in-house or Outsource to an experienced partner!

Collaborating with outsourcing call centres, there are certain pros and cons that comes along. Nonetheless, even in-house service handling comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. However, which do you think is the best?

While both in-house and outsourced operations have their own significance, you must know about their pros and cons before finalizing one. It is essential to check the business requirements before selecting between in-house and outsourced services. Check out, as we list up the advantages and risks involved:

Outsourcing to call centres:


Cost benefits

If you are thinking to expand your business operations, remember that your expenses will increase too. Well, if you have budget concerns, outsourcing call centres can help. Outsourcing the secondary business functions to an external experienced partner can help your organization get access to the latest technologies and that too within budget.

By outsourcing, you pay only for the service used, however, in-house service handling brings monthly expenses.

Productivity increases

Outsourcing secondary functions, the business has enough time to focus on in-house operations. Outsourcing saves time, thus the in-house experts can focus on business enhancing strategies.

However, when the organization handles functions in-house, the core responsibilities are somewhere at risk. This is the reason it is better to outsource the monotonous tasks that waste the in-house agent’s productive time. Furthermore, the secondary duties when outsourced are looked after more tremendously.

Risk reduction

Outsourcing the business service to professional service handling firms, the possibility of risk is reduced. Managing services in-house, you may not be aware of the potential threats that may arise, however, outsourced companies have the market knowledge and information of the adequate ways to handle risks.

Experts at work

Hiring experts can be very costly, however, outsourcing helps to make professionals available within budget. What else would a business want? Hiring agents having market experience and knowledge of the latest technologies is hard for start-ups that struggle handling their expenses. However, outsourcing helps to get access to expertise amid budget!


Confidential concerns

Outsourcing to call centres, you might face confidential disputes. It is necessary to analyze the potential partner’s documents before so that their security measures are known beforehand. Check the call centre’s data security standards and finalize a partner that best suits your services.

Lack of control

Outsourcing the business functions, there might be transparency and authority issues. Your partner may take decisions that they feel good for business health, which you might find useless.

To avoid a lack of control, find a partner who provides transparency and takes your suggestions before making changes. Check whether they use technologies to offer transparency or not.

Language issues

Language differences cause great issues at times diminishing customer satisfaction. Thus, take care while choosing your outsourcing provider. Do not outsource to an offshore partner who has no clue of your language, because it brings a negative impact on the customer. Make sure your outsourced partner has agents compatible in dealing with your customers wisely.

In-House service handling



When a company selects in-house service handling over outsourcing call centres, it strengthens its security standards. Outsourcing demands sharing of the business confidential data, which may cause security issues if the partner is unreliable. Thus, service handling in-house helps to avoid risk possibilities.


Choosing in-house processes, the firm’s agent directly handles the business operation, thus flexibility is assured. Since amendments in the prevailing processes are easy in-house, thus, there is no flexibility concerns. Any innovation can take place immediately when attempted in-house, making processes more flexible than outsourced operations.



When a business handles all functions in-house, expenses increase at an alarming rate! Your organization will have to hire and train agents as per the business requirement. Infrastructural needs demand investment, and staff attrition becomes an issue too. Moreover, you will have to hire skilled agents in-house, which can be very costly.

Thus, outsourcing is better as it saves expenses and time to be utilized in other necessary operations essential for business development.


By not outsourcing to call centres, businesses have to pay for maintenance as well. New technologies keep on updating and integrating the same to business operations repeatedly is hard for companies who manage all processes in-house. Avoiding outsourcing, your business will have to bear the expenses of training the staff in-house and take care of attrition issues as well.

However, outsourcing the business service, there is no headache of maintenance, as the agents are experienced working repeatedly for new companies gaining knowledge of the latest trends.

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