How to Make Power Toothpaste at Home

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Finally found the perfect alternative to industrial ( or even organic ) toothpaste at home: 100% natural homemade powder toothpaste! Ready in 30 seconds, it will surprise you with its freshness, its efficiency, and its very small price. Cap on clean teeth without fuss!


For a small jar (enough to hold a month):

  • 2 tablespoons white clay
  • 1 tablespoon calcium carbonate
  • 1 half teaspoon of baking soda
  • 4 drops of tea tree essential oil
  • 3 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 3 drops of mint essential oil

I fill my jar with clay, carbonate and bicarbonate, mix and add my essential oils. I mix one last time and it’s over. Oulalalala recipe very demanding, bac + 5 in molecular chemistry required as you can see!


The white clay cleans the teeth, it is purifying and remineralizing, it is the base of this recipe! It also absorbs odors, so goodbye bad breath – I did not say you did not feel good eh.

The calcium carbonate – or whiting – is one of the key ingredients of the composition of toothpaste. It is a very soft abrasive and a thickener, which naturally brings calcium! It is in pharmacy or on the natural cosmetic sites that we know. Click here to find the best calcium carbonate manufacturers in India.

The baking soda whitens teeth and hunting bacteria and bad odors. The dosage in this toothpaste recipe is very suitable for sensitive gums. If you plan to use this toothpaste on a daily basis, just scratch it off the list or just put a tiny pinch on it. He is the ally of the teeth, but can quickly become their enemy if used too often.

The essential oil of tea tree purifies and disinfects, that is goodbye bacteria and bad little things that could lug in the mouth. It also prevents canker sores.

The essential oil of peppermint and wild mint bring a lot of freshness to this toothpaste like no other. Really, promised, no more bad breath! Mint essential oil is absolutely not recommended for children under 8 years and pregnant women, it contains components that can be neurotoxic and abortive for these people.


For once, this toothpaste is confusing since it does not approach at all by the texture! With me you are accustomed, you tell me, to meet odd toothpaste, like this toothpaste with coconut oil and coal. For years and years, we use our little toothpaste and I must admit that it is quite fun to switch to toothpaste!

To use it, just wet a little toothbrush, as well as his teeth with a little gurgling of the sexiest. We soak the toothbrush in the jar to get some powder and, most simply of the world, we brush our teeth.

In the end, the foaming side is almost present, since the white clay created as a thin foam in contact with water. I love the freshness of this toothpaste! The marriage of mint and tea tree really gives a pleasant sensation during and after brushing. In short, I will stay well over 3 minutes to brush my teeth.

The result? From s own teeth. Nothing to add, I will not tell you that they will whiten 15 shades or that your caries will disappear, I do not do in black magic. But it’s really a practical and economical toothpaste! You can lug it everywhere, it does not take up space and it really costs almost nothing. The big plus is that you can keep it super long, since it is simply in the form of powder, no deadline – edit: for the info, one year after making the recipe by multiplying the dosage by 3, I still have half of the jar while using it once a day, it’s the most profitable recipe in the world, I’m really impressed! I use it alternately with my coco/charcoal toothpaste and my teeth are doing wonderfully well, I even think people have nothing to complain about my breath.

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