5 fun Christmas party ideas 2019 for kids

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I can see all the kids out their excited and filled with joy as they are waiting for Santa to visit their town with their share of gifts. Have you already prepared your wishlist of online Christmas gifts? Well, lots and lots of exciting and unimaginable things are a part of the Christmas festival. The preparation for Christmas begins at least a month before the actual day. Some fictitious concepts blend in the element of surprise in the Christmas festival, like the concept of Santa riding on his sleigh with his bag filled with gallons of gifts. Remember how we used to wait for just one glance of Santa when we were kids? 

But as we grew up, it’s more of running around, fetching Christmas gifts, and ticking off tasks from the to-do list. It’s time to slow down and think why Christmas was so magical during childhood. As kids, we just had to worry about Christmas tree decorations, and hanging the stockings near the fireplace and let Santa do the rest of the work. Sometimes don’t you feel that Christmas celebration is more of a kids thing? Kids are dreamy, and their idea of the Christmas celebration is much different from what it is for adults. When celebrating Christmas, we often forget about the younger members of our family- kids. So, this Christmas, let’s make it fun for them as well. Here are some fun Christmas party ideas for kids to let them enjoy thoroughly.

Christmas party food for kids

The most prior thing that comes to mind when planning a party is the food. When it is about planning a kids party, you can play with the food. No, not like literally play, what I mean is experiment with food and make it enjoyable. You know kids are creatures who love to eat with their eyes. They will always run for food that will tempt their eyes so, to make the party interesting, aim the food. And to follow this, bake Christmas cakeChristmas plum cake, create marshmallow sticks and decorate them as a snowman or add a reindeer cutout around the stick candies and add some jellies in salted popcorns. 

Cozy pajama party

Admit it, we all wanted to attend or host a pajama party at least once in life. Pajama parties sound very fancy, right? All thanks to Bollywood. So, in order to plan something different, go for a themed pajama party. Invite kids to your place and tell them that the dress code is to dress up in pajama sets. When the theme is set, now don’t forget to add some entertainment activities to the party. You can organize some Christmas games for kids (that won’t set a rivalry amongst them). If the kids are a bit lethargic and just want to hang around, then an activity like a book reading session or simple movie night will be a good idea. Because they are kids and all they are concerned about is having fun. 

Dance away the night

Well, when it’s Christmas party, how can we miss the dance part? Move aside the couch and all your furniture because those kids are dancing the night away. Empty up space and hang up a disco ball for effect with lights and music. If you wish to level up, you can even rent a karaoke machine as well. To add a fun element, spray temporary red and blue hair dye to kids’ hair and stick temporary tattoos. Oh, and don’t forget to take prior permission from their parents. 

Christmas carols

Let’s end the list with something that shouts Christmas out loud- Christmas carols. Singing Christmas carols all night long with little kids is the best way to spend the holiday season. Purchase some copies of books that have some of the most famous and favorite Christmas carols and hand over it to kids as soon as they come to the party. A night spent singing Christmas carols is a Christmas night spend well. It pretty much sums up a Christmas vibe. 

These were some fun party ideas to celebrate Christmas with kids. I hope you like them and they turn out to be useful to you.

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