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5 Important Qualities to Remember When Buying Sports Sunglasses for Triathlon 

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Triathlon is a race more than swim, bike, run. Often, the performance of a triathlete relies on the gear or equipment being used. From bikes, shoes, nutrition, triathlon suits, and sunglasses, all these pieces of equipment play a crucial role in an average triathlete’s overall performance.

Functional eyewear or sports sunglasses have become essential gear for triathletes, but most athletes play an outdoor sport. Like your fitness watch, sports sunglasses such as oakley sunglasses are also highly functional. They also come with specialized kits for maintenance, additional style, and accessories.

If you’re a newbie triathlete looking to buy a new pair of sports sunglasses, here are some important considerations you need to remember before buying one.

Make Sure It Offers You Complete UV Protection

Triathlon is gruelling, and it’s only for those who have the strongest will. Triathlon is a sport that will expose you to different elements of nature, especially the sun. With that in mind, racing without wearing sunglasses is simply outrageous. You’re not just leaving your eyes exposed to the harmful UV rays from the sun; you’re also exposing yourself to accidents since you can’t see the road.

So, always look for sports sunglasses that can completely block the UV rays. It’s not hard to find sports sunglasses that offer complete UV protection as most brands, especially oakley sunglasses, have this kind of feature. Never buy cheap sunglasses as these often do not offer complete UV ray protection.

Choose the Lens Material

Sports sunglasses use hybrid materials that combine plastic and glass to offer maximum performance to triathletes. When choosing materials, always go with polyurethane and polycarbonate lenses since these are designed specifically for sports. These materials have more advantage than glass and plastic in terms of durability and visual clarity. However, they will cost you more, but the investment will give your money the best value because it will never fail you during the race.

These materials are lightweight, impact-resistant, scratchproof, and has anti-reflective features that are perfect for triathlon.

Choose Lenses with Bright Yellow and Red Colours

In triathlon, you need a particular lens colour to see the road during the race’s bike portion. It would be best if you had yellow or red-coloured lenses to provide you with more visibility on the road. These bright-coloured lenses are effective in refracting back the rays of the sun. It also helps lessen eye strain and increases your depth perception for that sharper road vision during the race.

Always Choose Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses offer more UV rays protection and are effective to reduce glare from bright surfaces. Triathletes, in general, always choose polarized sports sunglasses as these offer them clearer visibility.

Choose Hydrophobic Lenses

In terms of technology, sports sunglasses have already reached a lot of milestones. Since you’ll be soaking yourself with sweat and water in the entire triathlon race, you need sports sunglasses that repels water easily. Thus, it would help if you chose sports sunglasses with hydrophobic lenses. So, aside from polarized lenses, make sure it comes with hydrophobic features so that water and sweat droplets will come off instantly to give you clear vision during the race.


When buying for sports sunglasses in triathlon, make sure you look for the qualities listed above. Triathlon is a physically-demanding sport that requires a lot of training and the use of proper equipment. With that in mind, never overlook the importance of using the right pair of sports sunglasses in this sport.

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