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5 Creative Ways To Add Protein Powder In Your Diet 

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For years, health buffs shopped for protein powders to add more nutrients in their diet. Over the years, the quality of protein powders in the market has dramatically improved. It is no longer the tasteless, lumpy product that gym enthusiasts used to tolerate in the past. People are now looking for the best protein powder that is not only healthy and nutritious but tastes great as well.

Protein powder consumption has now come a long way from a gym staple to a kitchen ingredient. Here are several innovative and creative ways to use protein powder nowadays.

#1: Improve It

You can enjoy a protein powder shake by ditching water as its base and replace it with other flavourful liquids. You may choose to make it a complete protein drink by using milk or soy milk. This option also makes the drink creamier.

If you want to incorporate a nutty flavour in your protein drink, you may use your preferred nut milk like cashew, almond, or hazelnut. You may try out different combinations until you get the taste and texture that you are looking for.

#2: Use A Blender

To enhance the usual texture and consistency of your protein drink, you may use your trusted blender at home. With the touch of a button, you may incorporate your desired ingredients to add more flavour to your drink.

Some of the most common protein shakes include several plant-sourced omega-3 fatty acids. You may boost its nutrient content by tossing some flaxseeds or chia seeds. You may also boost its texture and add more fibre content by adding chunks of almonds or oats. If you want to add more calories to your drink, you may add a tablespoon of peanut butter or a slice of avocado.

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#3: Turn It Into A Baked Product

Protein powders are not only intended to create shakes. You may also use it as a key ingredient to your regular baked goods or add them to your beloved family recipes. The best protein powder varieties can be used to add more nutrients in your favourite cookies, cupcakes, bread, puddings, pies, and biscuits.

To make your baked goods a lot healthier, you may substitute some of the common ingredients like butter, shortening, or margarine with pureed avocados, bananas, yogurt, or beans. You may also use natural maple syrup or honey instead of sugar for your sweetener.

#4: Make Breakfast With It

It may sound like a longstanding cliche, but breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. You can make it healthier and more nutritious by adding protein powders in your typical breakfast fare.

Mix several tablespoons of protein powder in your typical breakfast food or beverages. You may also add it into a cup of coffee, tea, or your steamed latte. It would be best to balance your protein-fuelled breakfast with the right amount of carbohydrates to make you last the entire day.

#5: Use It As A Cooking Ingredient

Plenty of people are starting to add protein powder in their regular recipes. Some turn their common salad dressings and pasta sauce into a protein-filled meal by adding a dose of unflavoured protein powder.

You may also add protein supplements in your pizza crust, chills, soups, or omelettes to make it more nutritious.

Protein powder can be a versatile product. You may find more ways to use the best protein powder supplements to ensure that you will get your recommended dietary requirement and to ensure that you will get the most benefit at all times.

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