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Drawing 101: Four Mistakes Aspiring Artists Needs to Get Rid Off 

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Megan Hess has become one of the major success stories in Australia. What makes it more amazing is that her success solely came from her passion for drawing.

The Melbourne-based artist was discovered in 2008 when she designed the book cover and illustrated the pages of the bestselling New York Times’ title “Sex and the City”. Her career is one of the best inspirations of young artists today.

Just like you, she has loved drawing since she’s a child. It started as a hobby without the idea that her passion for drawing is the key to her huge success. She loves to draw every day and developed her skills as she grew older.

But, along the way, she also encountered countless obstacles. Just like a normal person, she also had bad habits in drawing, but the good news is, she got rid of them eventually.

So, what are these mistakes that Hess and a lot of artists shared? Below, we listed down some of the most common drawing mistakes and how to fix them.

1. Trying to Copy Others

You must seek your path when you want to become successful in drawing. There’s no successful artist out there that imitates other artists’ style. Successful artists became successful because of their signature and unique artworks.

So, you must adapt your style and start from there. Put creativity on your style so that it will come out uniquely beautiful. Check out some of Megan Hess books and see how her artworks are uniquely beautiful from others. That’s where she drew attention and admiration from people.

It’s because her artworks are not common and have its simply unique style.

2. You’re Too Harsh on Yourself

Even well-known storytellers and authors need editors to polish their stories for grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t be a perfectionist to yourself. Drawing is all about the trial and error process. You’re bound to make mistakes, and by those mistakes, you’ll either learn from them or not.

Embrace your mistakes, and don’t be too harsh on yourself because you’ll end up getting frustrated. Artists who are frustrated with their work tend to quit or lose their passion for their craft. It would be best if you identify these mistakes and improve them one by one moving forward.

3. You’re Not Sharing Your Work to People

Keeping your artworks to yourself defeats the purpose of making them in the first place. Erase the doubts in your head because you never know what aspect of your artwork needs improvement. It would be best if you faced the fact that your artwork is bound to be criticized by people.

Without criticisms, you’ll never grow. If your artwork receives praise, then it’s a bonus. Check out Megan Hess books and see how she shares her artworks with the public.

4. You Don’t Take Risks

Frequently, artists hit a plateau in the middle of their progress. They tend to feel satisfied with what they’ve accomplished that they limit themselves to learning new techniques and styles in drawing. You will never know your potential if you don’t take risks and try different drawing styles and techniques.

If you’re good at cartooning, you must explore other styles such as realism, which is the exact opposite of your forte. It’s where you will determine if you have the potential or not. There is no harm in taking risks and discovering new styles in drawings; it’s just yourself holding back your potential.

Final Thoughts

These mistakes may sound simple to overcome, but many artists had a difficult time dealing with them. Thus, it’s proper to start getting rid of these old habits and let this post be your new motivation to improve your drawing skills.

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