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If you do not Switch to LED Lighting Now, you may Regret it Later 

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In Australia, 10% of a household electricity budget is the lighting bill. Because of the widespread adoption of light-emitting diodes, lighting cost has been partly reduced. The market of LED lighting australia is saturated, and LED lights have been a hot topic in Australia and across the worldwide lighting industry, for they’ve been linked with the acronym – ‘exaggeration, lies and deception’. Thorough research can help you decide to switch or not to switch.

You probably think of switching lights, searching the internet to learn about the efficiency and benefits of using them, and you landed on this article. Yes, this is your sign to make a switch from traditional incandescent light bulbs to LED lighting australia.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights are the most recent in intriguing technological innovation in the lighting sector. It is a strong, long-lasting and energy-efficient tiny solid light bulb with different functions from standard incandescent lamps. The design makes these lights significantly more durable than ordinary incandescent light bulbs. LED technology offers several unique benefits that incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs and lighting systems can’t. Listed below are the benefits of switching to LED lighting.


It consumes up to 90% less energy than those incandescent light bulbs and is densely packed with energy. It utilizes less energy than incandescent bulbs, resulting in a significant reduction in power costs; ergo, the amount of money you spend on your utility bills each month decreases. Because of the extended life expectancy of these lights, which is 60,000 hours, your allotted money for power costs can cover your maintenance and replacement costs. Good quality lights can survive up to 7 years.


LED lights are more durable than typical neon tubes or incandescent bulbs because of their epoxy plant casing covering the small chip. It is a solid-state lighting system that uses semiconductor material instead of a neon gas or filament for illumination.


Using these lights lowers the risk of safety hazards like burns and fires, which only create 3.4 BTU/hr. It produces very little heat, ergo cool to touch and may be left on for hours without causing harm if touched. On the other hand, enamour lighting uses 90% of its energy to generate heat, making the bulbs hot to touch.


The time will come that LEDs will replace traditional lights. Nowadays, more people are switching lights for their homes and offices. Its technology is improving all the time, resulting in light bulbs being brighter. The amount of electricity consumed for illumination in Australia will be less by half if more people switch to light-emitting diodes light sources.


These lights are ideal for various lighting applications such as desk lamps, night lights, reading lights, spotlights, accent lamps, security signals, and sign lighting because they are focused lights. It is also used in various applications in different industries, including residential lighting, traffic and transportation, the military, entertainment and gaming, architectural, electronic instrumentation, transmissions and automotive.

Environment friendly

LED is recyclable, and unlike neon lighting, which uses mercury, it is constructed of non-toxic chemicals and is not harmful to the environment. It provides an exceptionally low UV and IR, which is beneficial to your surroundings. Moreover, it is energy keeping and uses less energy.

With the benefits listed above, there is no reason not to switch on LED lights. Start to look for a lighting store committed to producing energy-efficient, safe, and high-quality lights. Visit Electrical Companies Winnipeg to know tips on how to have efficient, safe, and high-quality energy.

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