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How to Use LED Christmas Lights for the Other 11 Months of the Year 

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It truly doesn’t feel like the holidays without Christmas lights adorning your windows, rooftop, and Christmas tree. But after the holidays are over, it can be a little depressing having to pack up and put away all your lights and other Christmas decorations. But just because the calendar turned to a new month, this doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all your Christmas decorations for the rest of the year. People are finding innovative and creative ways to keep the cheer of the holidays by repurposing their Christmas lights. Offering a more subtle glow, Christmas lights can work well in bedrooms, patios, and dorms.

Here, we’re offering a few easy and innovative ways to lighten up your home by using LED Christmas lights for the other 11 months of the year. Just because it isn’t December, who says you can’t enjoy your Christmas lights?


LED Christmas lights are an easy and appealing way to light up your bedroom. Hang a string or two of Christmas lights over your bed for a subtle lighting effect. Since Christmas lights come in any color, this is an easy way to have your lighting fit your taste and style. Christmas lights can also be a great lighting option (and an affordable one, too) for college dorms and apartments. Especially when you’re trying to stay within a strict budget, Christmas lights can be an ideal lighting option.


Bring a little cheer and glow to the great outdoors with Christmas lights for your patio. Christmas lights can easily be strung up around your patio for some subtle lighting. In many ways, Christmas lights are the perfect patio lighting because most models are designed to be used outside. This means that they’re tough enough to resist the elements (like rain, snow, or wind) and stay functional for much longer. You may also try installing permanent Christmas lights from MyEverlights.com so you don’t have to worry about removing and installing them again.


You can quickly become the fairest of them all by decorating your mirrors with your spare Christmas lights. Wrapping the frame or edge of the mirror with a string of LED Christmas lights is a simple way to add some light without the harsh glare that’s provided by some bathroom lights.


Even on the cloudiest of nights, you can see the stars by decorating your ceiling with LED Christmas lights. Arrange your strings of lights to look like the night sky, and if you’re artistic, try recreating one or more of your favorite constellations. This can also be an excellent (and affordable) option for decorating your children’s rooms or play areas. With the versatility of Christmas lights and how easy they are to use, the sky’s truly the limit.


You don’t always have to look up to see Christmas lights. Some people are using strings of LED Christmas lights to light up walkways in their yards. You can string out the lights or bunch them up and store them in glass jars to create little beacons of light. Not only is this a unique and fun way to craft a walkway, but it also makes your home safer and more inviting to guests. Since Christmas lights are so durable and easy to set up and takedown, you can also play around and experiment with different shapes and patterns.


We all know that large bodies of water and electricity don’t mix, but Christmas lights can be an effective and appealing (not to mention safe) way to light up your pool. String some LED Christmas lights over your pool or hot tub to create that unique mirroring effect as your lights are reflected on the water’s surface. Lighting up your pool at night can also create a beautiful atmosphere for parties and special occasions,


In recent years, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement has surged in popularity as more homeowners look to their creativity and skills to craft unique furniture. Instead of shelling out a fortune for a chandelier, try making one on your own by using LED Christmas lights. The lights can be strung around reclaimed materials (like wood or iron) to create a true one-of-a-kind light fixture. Since you’re making the chandelier yourself, you’ll have complete freedom and control over the design and can easily make changes along the way. A homemade chandelier could also be the perfect unique gift for friends or family.


Sticking with our DIY theme, Christmas lights can also be useful for any of your homemade crafts. Whether you’re using LED Christmas lights, RGB lights, twinkle lights, or the icicle lights variety, there’s something out there to fit your crafts and style. Some people use Christmas lights to craft small globes that you can then hang up around the house or outside. Others use Christmas lights to accentuate wall art or potted plants. With the versatility of Christmas lights, if you can imagine the project, you can bring it to life.


When you’re investing in top rated Christmas decorations, you should be able to enjoy them for more than just one month out of the year. Sure, that big inflatable Santa Claus might be hard to keep up through July, but more subtle decorations (like LED Christmas lights) can easily work with your home décor throughout the entire year. Christmas lights are versatile, subtle, and can light up any space no matter the size.

Christmas lights can be used for your patio, bedroom, a kid’s playroom, or even as features in DIY projects. Since they’re so easy to put up, you also have complete control over your lighting and can rearrange your lights whenever you need them. So, go on: head up to the attic, dust off your Christmas decorations, and unpack your LED Christmas lights business and see what magic you can make for the entire year.

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