How to Record Video for Laptop on Windows 10

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One solution is clearly superior to the other in terms of precision. If you’re deciding what sort of content to produce, the video should be at the top of the list. When a method necessitates movement or requires numerous stages to be completed, the best material to employ is video. This is one of the reasons why video is rapidly being used by marketing, sales, training, and support organizations.

According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl on the current state of video marketing, 68 percent of respondents said they would be interested in seeing a short film about a new product or service in order to learn more about it.

Let’s get in-depth on how to record a video using your laptops. This ultimate guide is ready to address all your queries and surprise you with special software that can ease your work.

Why will you need to record videos on a Laptop for Windows 10?

We are confined to a online work and spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer in order to do our work now. Almost everything, including lessons at schools and universities as well as the bulk of meetings performed in workplaces, is now conducted online.

The screen of your computer and the video from your camera may both be recorded simultaneously with ease. Standard-definition and high-definition video recordings are also possible on your laptop. You can record videos of what’s happening on your laptop’s screen in a single format. The second kind of video enables you to record whatever is happening in front of your laptop at the very moment the video is being taken.

You may use the Windows 10 screen recorder  to capture video to create YouTube tutorials or to record professional meetings, which is a useful function for many different reasons.

How to record Video on Laptop With Wondershare DemoCreator?

Before understanding how to record a video on DemoCreator, let’s first know about DemoCreator.

What is Wondershare DemoCreator?

The Wondershare DemoCreator software suite includes both screen capture and video editing. Because of its extensive array of handy tools, you will be able to swiftly record lectures, video demos, and presentations.

The rosette user interface of Wondershare DemoCreator makes it easy to get started. Keystrokes, mouse movements and the whole desktop may all be recorded with this tool. As an added bonus, you can use this tool to apply a wide range of creative effects to your films and videos.

Multiverse of Features

Using this video capture software, you can edit your video clips, capture your webcam’s content, record sound, utilize a green screen to modify the backdrop of your films, and export your projects to a wide range of formats. Additionally, this program allows you to utilize a green screen to modify the backdrop of your movies, making it one of the critical apps for recording monitor material.

Transitions and effects play a critical role in creating visually engaging videos for a broad audience. Wondershare DemoCreator’s new sticker function is one of the best additions ever. This is the best option if you’re looking for an easy method to keep the pleasant vibe going while sprucing up your movies with these stickers.

Recording Video With DemoCreator

Perform the following steps in order to record an excellent video with Wondershare DemoCreator.

Launching The Application:

Download the latest version of  Wondershare DemoCreator from its official website. Install the software on your laptop at any desired place. Once installed, launch the application by double click on it.

Home Screen:

The easy-to-use application interface snaps on your laptop screen, showing a bucket of recording options to meet your desired circumstances. It will look as follows:

Home Screen

Start a Record Project:

Click on “Start a Record Project.” It can be located with a  “+” sign on it. This mode is a multi-recording mode, as it allows you to record your videos with a camera, record your audio with a microphone, and record your laptop screens. You can modify and edit their settings, respectively.

Start a Record Project

The user can edit how the capturing area is set up. You can record the whole screen and change the size of the area you want to record and other settings. Webcam, microphone, and system audio options are provided. Check to see if your computer’s microphone, camera, and sound card are all linked together. Change the settings so that both the camera and the sound work well. Also, in the tab for the recording camera, you can change how the webcam mirror works and how AI recognizes your face.

Start Recording:

Once you are done with your settings, press F10 from the keyboard of your laptop or simply click on the RED button, located on the right in the shape of a circle.

Screen Drawing Tool:

In this multi-feature mode, you’ll also have access to a handy “Screen Drawing Tool.” Click on the DemoCreator Recorder icon on the taskbar after you’ve started recording to start the program. Alternatively, you may open and close it by hitting Shift+Ctrl+D simultaneously.

Screen Drawing Tool

There is a wide variety of functionality available, including the Pen, the Highlight, the Circle, the Rectangle, the Line, and the Arrow. You have the ability to write and draw quickly while recording.

Stop Recording:

When you have finished recording your desired video, click on the stop recording button on the taskbar. Or, click on F10 from the keyboard.

How to Record Video on Laptop with Webcam?

Using a webcam recorder to add webcam footage to a video is a simple way to get people more interested in your content and help them connect with it.

A webcam should be an essential part of the video-making tools you have at your disposal. You can put them on YouTube, use them to make instructional videos, or just use them to give any video you make some personality.

Recording Video With WebCam On DemoCreator

You may use DemoCreator on Laptops running Windows 10 or macOS to create professional-looking videos for use in presentations and other contexts. Your face may be recorded in either a circle or a rectangle using AI face recognition, and you can customize the shape of the face recording with the four different webcam frame designs. Using AI facial recognition technology, you may also take part in online courses and make student assignments just using your face. As a result, it will be much simpler for you to vividly and compellingly explain your ideas, feelings, and anecdotes.

Among the many file kinds that may be opened by this fantastic program are MP4, GIF, MOV and others. You may choose the frame rate you like when filming with your camera. Using this webcam recorder, you may customize the videos and screen recordings that you make. You may use specialized tools to develop new video projects. You may also convert your recordings into Flash movies and upload them to sites like YouTube and other video-sharing sites.

Virtual Webcam

The DemoCreator app works with a number of virtual cameras that can record, such as OBS, MMHMM, Xplit, Nvidia Broadcast, Snap Camera, and ManyCam. You’ll be able to record videos that look like they came from a professional studio and use them on any video platform, video conferencing program, or tool for learning from afar.

To record a video through a webcam, you must perform the steps mentioned above. Users can choose their 3rd party webcam from the “WebCam” option available, and they are good to go!

Virtual Presenter

The new “Virtual Human” option in DemoCreator enables users to create webcam recordings that seem lively and professional. The DemoCreator virtual person utilizes machine learning to be able to monitor your jaw in addition to your eyes, hearing, and pupils. If you move your head, your avatar will reflect your head motions. The avatar will lip-sync in real-time or even replicate your recorded voice if you talk into your microphone.

DemoCreator comes preloaded with sixteen distinct virtual human choices, making it easy to change into a computer-generated person using motion capture. You are at liberty to put it to use in whatever environment you see fit, whether for online training, a presentation, gaming, or any other activity.

How to use Virtual Human?

Following are the steps to utilize them all in all fantastic Virtual Human Tool:

Download & Installation

Download and Install Wondershare DemoCreator. Make sure the version you are downloading is the latest one.  Launch the application as soon as the installation process ends by double-clicking on it.

Virtual Human Mode

Virtual Human Mode

When the home interface pops up on your laptop screen, click on “Virtual Human” mode.

Choose Your Avatar

When your camera is ready, activate it and choose an appropriate avatar to converse with. A correctly calibrated camera should be able to portray your facial emotions and body movements precisely in real-time.

Choose Your Avatar

Adjust the location so that it is facing the proper direction, and then see whether the selected avatar can move in sync with your actions. After that, you must click the red button to begin recording.

Choose Background

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the background before recording. There are a variety of background options available, such as the classroom, the workplace, a meeting, gaming, etc.

Stop Recording

To stop the recording, press F10 or click the stop button on the taskbar.


DemoCreator is in a league of its own when it comes to tools for recording your screen. It is also proactive enough to present you with the chance to edit the collected video using a tool that is both clever and powerful.

Its rapid and clever performance is complimented nicely by a clean and comprehensive interface that provides all the tools needed to begin editing. Because it enables users to draw on the screen in real-time. It might be useful for content creators and online educators who generate instructional videos and tutorials.

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