Benefits of Faceted Search

Discover the Benefits of Faceted Search

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If you have ever done some searching on an eCommerce site, then you have most likely encountered the faceted search feature. This function on sites allows for users to narrow down their searches to what they are ideally looking for. Let’s say you are searching on a site that sells home improvement products. You are looking specifically for ceiling lights. If you just have a filter for ceiling lights, then your results will include all ceiling lights offered on that site. However, you want to narrow down your searches to a specific brand and style. In order to continue to define your search, that site will need a faceted search feature that allows you to apply more filters and eliminate irrelevant results. This makes finding products that meet the criteria easier and faster than scrolling through all the products listed. If eCommerce sites have numerous pages of content, consumers are unlikely to scroll through every single page to find what they are looking for. If they can’t get to it fairly quickly, they will inevitably move onto another site that offers faceted search. By learning the benefits of faceted searched features, you can improve your site for users looking to buy your products.

It Boosts Conversions

The biggest reason people apply faceted search functions to their sites is that it boosts conversions. Increasing the likelihood that users visiting your site will make a purchase is a main goal of businesses running eCommerce sites. By creating an experience for users to customize their searches to produce specific results, you can increase the likelihood that users will make a purchase as well as return and make purchases in the future. This is done best with faceted search functions.

More Data

It is crucial to understand our customers. If we don’t know what they value, we can’t offer them products they may be interested in. When customers use faceted search features on your site, you can see what customized searches customers are creating. You might find that the majority of your shoppers are using more facets than others. This gives you the data you need to eliminate underutilized facets and focus on the ones that customers find useful. You can also see which products are most popular. If customers are using facets to filter to a one color more often than other colors in your t-shirt selection, then focusing on expanding your products with the most popular color can help you create products your customers value. Faceted search functions provide specific data, which is helpful when you are trying to meet the specific needs of your customers.

It’s User-friendly

We all know that things that are easy for everyone to use become more common and accessible to the majority. The products and services that are complicated and confusing often deter people and naturally push them to something else that is much simpler. When it comes to having a site that has hundreds or even thousands of products, you have to be intentional about making it user-friendly for the majority of people. A faceted search function is the way to create an overall experience that is more simple and quick for a site that has a high volume of products offered. When a user can access your site and apply facets that eliminate products that don’t relate to them, it makes it easier than sifting through all the products to find the one they would want. The faceted search feature can accommodate the majority of people by simplifying the process of navigating a website and instantly granting the specific products they had in mind. The added benefit of making your site user friendly is that it will most likely produce higher sales volume and repeat customers.

Makes Products Easier to Find

Some people enter a site with a specific product in mind. Others enter a website with specific parameters that could relate to more than one product. The faceted search feature not only takes users to a specific product, but also shows users other products they didn’t know about that meet their certain criteria. If a person is looking for ankle socks in black, they might highlight those specific facets and find that they also like the other brands that have ankle socks in black. This applies to users who came to your site not sure what they were wanting and uncertain about making a purchase. With faceted search features, they can end up finding products they didn’t know existed before and make a purchase because they were able to search for specific attributes that they like.

Benefit From Faceted Search

There proves to be many benefits from using faceted search functions on your site. You can easily boost conversions and collect more data to increase your sales and improve the products you offer your customers. Faceted search also creates a more user-friendly site and makes products easier to find that fall into specific parameters one chooses in a faceted search. With these benefits, you will want to learn more how faceted search might be an option for your site too.

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