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How to prepare teaching learning material for primary classes?

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With the development of technology, a lot of teaching and learning materials are available online. Those who are looking for teaching learning material for primary classes can take advantage of these resources. You can also get some basic material from schools itself but they may not be effective. If you want your class to be successful then you should follow some tips which I am going to share with you in this article.

Do not use difficult material

Use simple language, appropriate examples and proper illustrations. It is important to teach students with appropriate examples. You should always make sure that you are using examples which are relevant for the students. It will help them understand the concept better and it will also be interesting for them.

Use easy teaching learning material

The next step is to use teaching learning material in a way that is easily understandable by students. Use simple language and make sure that the material is not too difficult for the students to understand. You can even use pictures or diagrams if need be so that everything becomes clear for them.

Material that helps students in understanding the topic

Talking about the language, you should use simple, easy and interesting language. You can use alliteration of words in the beginning of each paragraph. You can also make questions at proper places so that students can answer easily. Try to make such a type of material that helps students in understanding the topic.

Try to use colourful diagrams, pictures and examples

Use colourful diagrams and pictures. You can also draw or paint a few pictures as an example so that students can easily relate it with real life situations.

Use examples from real life. You can also use examples from real life so that students can easily relate it with the topic. You may also provide interesting stories and anecdotes to make the topic more interesting.

Short and simple sentences for each chapter

Make short and simple sentences for each chapter so that it can be understood by the primary classes. Use simple words like “I”, “you” and “we”. You can also use simple sentences such as “I like to eat ice cream when it is hot outside.” Try not to use difficult words as they will confuse students.

Use visual aids like flashcards

Teaching with flashcards can be an effective way to ensure your students understand key concepts presented in class — especially if they’re used as supplementary material after reading or watching a lecture or demonstration online! Flashcards can be used for both review and practice.

For example, you could give students a flashcard with an image on one side and the word itself on the other. Then have them turn it over and find another student who has one that matches—and then ask them to explain what they see or describe how it feels.

Take the help of educational apps

Educational apps are a great way for children to learn new things. They are not only interesting for the children, but they also help improve cognitive skills, language skills and problem solving skills. Here are some tips on how educational apps can be used to develop your child’s learning:

  • Make sure that you choose the right app for your child’s age group by reading the reviews and ratings of the app.
  • Ensure that your child is interested in using an educational app before installing it on his/her device.
  • Choose an app which is interactive so that it keeps them engaged while they learn something new and fun at the same time!

Use model clay for sensory learning

Model clay is a great way to teach students about different shapes and textures. It can be used to model objects from everyday life, such as houses, animals and food. Students can also create their own designs with the clay.

Modelling objects with model clay helps children understand how these things are made, which will help them develop their vocabulary for describing items made from different materials. In addition to these tangible benefits, modelling with model clay in the classroom also provides an opportunity for teachers to discuss properties of materials with students.


Preparing teaching material for pre primary students can be really fun for teachers. There are many creative ways to teach, and the best way to keep students interested is by making learning fun. The best part of teaching is when you see your students learn new things through your teaching.

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