Top Reasons Place Matters in the Elderly Years 

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You are aware that location matters within the first few years of life, but research shows that where you age also makes a difference in your quality of life. As people get older, geography becomes increasingly important; it impacts physical health, happiness levels, mental health, financial security, and much more. Below are seven reasons why place matters in the elderly years.

1) Proper medical care

Ideally, you want to age in a place where you have access to the proper medical care for your needs, whether in rehab facilities, a hospital, or an assisted living community. Studies show that individuals who receive the proper support and care as they age are less likely to suffer from illness or injuries and have a better chance of living a long life.

2) Connection to the area

People want to stick around a familiar and friendly area as they age. Too many moves can be unsettling for seniors. You want to age in a place where you have a support system, friends and family nearby, and your loved ones have access to truly care for you when you need it. Try an online search to find local services. For example, a search for assisted living Ocean Township NJ will bring up a list of providers in that area.

3) Community resources and services

Seniors don’t like being dependent on the rest of the community in which they live. So you want to attract a community of people who will provide support, be there when your aging loved one needs it, take them to appointments, run errands, keep that home clean and even do some light chores around the house.

4) Weather and climate

Seniors like warmer weather because the heat stimulates the body and encourages thoughts of the beach and other warm sunny destinations. They like colder climates because it makes them feel safe and quiet inside their homes. Ideal locations to age include sunny cities in warm states, such as Arizona or Florida.

5) Lifestyle amenities

Seniors want to age where they can get their daily walks in, go shopping, enjoy music and other arts events, eat out as much as they’d like, and even have a few drinks at the local bar. These activities help seniors remain mentally active and engaged in social activities.

6) Available housing options

Older adults need certain types of housing that can accommodate their needs. This includes places with amenities such as pools, gym centers, pet-friendly apartments, walk-in tubs, and other features that make aging easier on the body. They also like large houses with open spaces that make it easy for them to get around within the home.

7) Transportation options

Seniors like to have their own transportation that is easy for them to get around with, such as a car or a scooter. They also like to have public transportation available for others in their community so that they can get to places when needed.

The bottom line is that location matters in the elderly years. You want to age in a place where you feel safe, healthy, and connected with the community.

This means that place makes a difference in the lives of seniors, and it’s important to choose a location based on what matters to you.

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