How to Pick the Right Trampoline for You?

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Making choices can be a daunting task, especially when it involves making a purchase. And it doesn’t help that it’s for your fitness challenge either. You have to take your time to plan and picture what you need.

One such purchase is a trampoline. Knowing the fun and health benefits of getting a trampoline is good. But with many trampolines available in the market right now, it’s hard to tell which one’s perfect for you.

So if you are considering getting a trampoline, this post is for you. This article will tell you the tips on how to pick the trampoline that fits you. So stick around!

What to Consider When Picking A Trampoline?

Before buying a trampoline, you have to consider some factors. These factors should be able to influence the kind of trampoline to pick.

1. The Purpose of the Trampoline

The trampoline has many uses and purposes. One can get it just for the fun of it. Another can use it to turn their trampoline workout ideas into a reality. Some others can use it to practice their leaps and rebounds and get good at it.

Also, some people use the trampoline to achieve their stipulated fitness challenge. They get their body transformation through weight loss exercises at home.

So, with that in mind, you’re sure to be able to get the right trampoline for your purpose. If it’s all about fun and games consider an outdoor trampoline. If it’s for your fitness journey then a mini fitness trampoline is your best bet.

2. The Skill of the User

The Skill of the User

Why should you consider skills? After all, the trampoline is all about jumping. While this is true, some people learn how to use the trampoline at a professional level. And there are designs for this purpose.

But using that kind of trampoline may be unsafe and not fun for beginners who are just starting out. So you need to know your skill set when picking a trampoline.

Thus, trampolines like the round trampoline are the most common style on the market. It is ideal for backyard and recreational use. Moreso, it has the most effective spring distribution, which gives the best rebound effect. Also, due to its properties, it is the best for beginners.

For experts and experienced jumpers, rectangular trampolines are the finest option. Due to their special features, rectangular trampolines have a higher bounce and are incredibly portable.

Another kind is the mini trampoline. This is perfect for rebounding exercises for seniors, kids, and adults. First, however, you must know how to use it to give you the rebounding effect you need. Thus a fitness person can achieve weight loss with rebounding.

3. Quality and Durability

The bounce mat and springs on a high-quality trampoline set it apart from an inferior one.

The material for making the bounce mat should be of the highest caliber. It should also be toxic-free and have high durability and weather resistance. In addition, it should be fire and UV-resistant and properly hung on its springs.

More so, high-quality springs should be made from long-lasting materials. In addition, it should have the right amount of elasticity, reduced noise, and greater rebound. As such, this will cause little to no negative impacts on the body.

It also requires the springs to absorb the landing, thus reducing the damaging effects on joints. So going for a high-quality and durable trampoline ensures your safety and well-being.

4. Safety


Safety when using a trampoline is vital, especially for seniors and kids. So to prevent injuries, you must ensure safety. Even while you are working on getting that flexible body, safety ensures you can rock it with all boldness.

Hence to prevent jumpers from falling, it is crucial to surround the trampoline with a high-quality safety net. As such, it will absorb any impact from a fall. So even though your bill will go up a little, this is a worthwhile investment that will pay off.

Also, ensure the springs are covered with premium padding, which boosts safety. They must be standard to shield users from harm in the event of a clumsy jump or fall.

5. Budget

The cost of getting a trampoline depends on factors, so prices vary. In addition, factors such as size, shape, quality, durability, etc., can affect cost. So, it is wise to set a limit on how much you are willing to pay when buying a trampoline.

For instance, round trampolines are the least expensive. They are also the most popular. Mini trampolines are also more affordable than large trampolines because of their size.

Finally, check whether the safety net is included in the price before making a purchase. This is because it is a handy feature that may increase your costs.

6. Available Space

Measure your yard to know how much room you have before choosing which trampoline you need. Trampolines come in sizes from 8 to 13 feet in diameter.

Also, find a spot in your backyard free of branches, trash, fences, and hills, especially when getting an outdoor trampoline. And keep in mind that most trampolines need a safe clearance area around them.

Here are some details of the different sizes of the trampoline:

  • 8 Feet

It is around 2.4 meters wide and holds 180 lbs, making it suitable for small places and kids. But adults should not use it because of its closeness to the ground. This is because they risk touching the ground while jumping.

  • 10 Feet

This is a more practical size and can handle up to 330 lbs, so both kids and adults can jump on it. Some of them also come with a ladder for easier access to the jump area.

  • 12 Feet

This trampoline is a little bit bigger than the 10 feet trampoline, but it jumps much better and is much more durable. Active jumpers prefer it, yet it has many physical characteristics in common with the 10-foot trampoline. More so, it supports the same weight as the 10 feet.

  • 13 Feet and Above

Anything from 13 feet and above is amazing; it is the best, has superior weight distribution, and bounce, and is perfect for professionals. It also comes with everything required for installation and safety when jumping.

7. Know Who will be Using it

Who will use the trampoline will also influence the trampoline model you choose. Will parents jump, too, or just the kids? The weight limit for trampolines can be useful. This is also a perfect way of getting trampoline ideas for kids.

Thus, how much you weigh and how high you jump determines the maximum user weight. As a result, jumpers don’t touch the ground while jumping. So depending on who will be using it, you could need a large trampoline.

8. The Age of the User

The Age of the User

Do you want to get a trampoline solely for your children, or do you also want to enjoy it? One of the first questions you should ask yourself is this one because it will have an impact on the trampoline’s size and weight capacity.

More so, smaller trampolines are suitable for babies and toddlers. At the same time, larger trampoline models are suggested for teenagers and adults.

It is also advisable that adult trampolines have a weight restriction of at least 130 kilos. This will improve the trampoline’s durability, enable safe use by adults, and give it the best rebound properties.

9. Check for Accessories

Ladders, hoops, and other accessories come with certain trampolines, but some don’t. Thus, ensure you check what you are getting before you buy it.

But if yours doesn’t come with accessories such as wind stakes, you should think about getting one. This will be helpful on windy days to avoid damage to your trampoline. Some trampolines also call for you to buy the ladder separately.

Bottom Line

Trampolines are fun, but when you get one that does not suit you, it ruins the fun. So before picking a trampoline, make sure to look out for these tips listed here. It will help you make the right choice and give you all the fun you need for yourself and your loved ones regardless of your purpose.

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