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How To Create A Direct Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant

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In the age of technology, customers are increasingly expecting businesses to offer a convenient online ordering system. For restaurants, this means more than simply allowing customers to place orders through an app or website. To truly take advantage of the convenience of online ordering, restaurants should create a direct online ordering system.

Benefits Of A Direct Online Ordering System

A direct online ordering system is a small change, but it can impact your restaurant’s bottom line. First, it will save you time and money on taking and processing orders over the phone. The system frees staff to take care of other tasks, such as preparing food.

Second, it will allow you to take advantage of customers willing to spend more when they don’t have to talk to someone. Customers who suffer from anxiety and other social disorders often hesitate to order from restaurants because they don’t want to deal with the stress of human interaction. Offering a direct online ordering system can make your restaurant more accessible to these customers and increase your sales.

Third, it will give you more control over your menu. You can easily change your menu and pricing with a direct online ordering system without reprinting menus or retraining staff. This flexibility can be a great asset if you want to experiment with new dishes or change your prices based on the seasonality of ingredients.

Steps For Creating An Efficient System

An efficient ordering system is a key to making the most of these benefits. To get started, you’ll need to purchase or develop software that integrates with your restaurant’s POS system. Once the software is in place, you should train your staff to use it and ensure they are comfortable taking orders through the system.

You’ll also need to set up a way for customers to access your ordering system. This can be done by adding a link to your website, creating a stand-alone ordering page, or developing an app. Whichever method you choose, promote it heavily so that customers know the option to order online.

Finally, you’ll need to pay attention to the details of your system to ensure that it runs smoothly. This includes setting up automatic order confirmation emails, developing a plan for handling customer service issues, and ensuring that orders are delivered on time. By taking care of these details, you can create an online ordering system that provides an excellent experience for customers and helps improve your restaurant’s bottom line.

What To Include In Your Restaurant’s Online System

Once you create a direct online ordering system,  you’ll need to decide what information to include on your website or app. Your goal should be to have as much information as possible without making the website look cluttered or difficult to navigate.

At a minimum, you should include your restaurant’s name, logo, menu, and price list. You may also include photos of your food, contact information, and hours of operation. If you have a loyalty program, you should also promote it on your online ordering page.

In addition to this basic information, you’ll also need to include critical details about your ordering process. This has accepted payment methods, delivery or pickup options, and special instructions for placing an order. By including all of this information upfront, you can avoid confusion and ensure that customers have a positive experience with your restaurant’s online ordering system.

Final Thoughts

A direct online ordering system can be a great way to increase sales and improve efficiency at your restaurant. However, ensuring that your system is well-designed and easy to use is vital. By including all the necessary details about your ordering process and promoting your system heavily, you can create an online ordering experience that customers will love.

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