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How To Make Your Dining Table Look Like It’s Wearing Jewellery

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Dining tables can be a tricky business. It’s often difficult to know exactly how to garnish and decorate this space, especially as it’s already going to be decorated by the meals you’ll be displaying on top of it.

Some home designers go big and loud, whilst others go more minimalist. Whilst these approaches can work, often the design goes too far in the one direction – you want a dining table that feels grand and professional, but is not over-decorated so that it doesn’t compliment the food.  The best way to do this is to imagine your dining table is wearing jewellery.

Most do not lather their bodies in jewellery – instead, they choose their jewellery carefully, subtly and beautifully elevating and adding a bit of style to their appearance. The same should be true for home decor.

With this in mind, let’s see how you can decorate your dining table to make it look like it’s wearing jewellery:

Layer It With Beautiful, Interesting Silverware

Jewellery is often a mixture of different symbols and cultures, so try to make sure your dining table is the same. Find silverware that not only looks beautiful, but has a backstory to it. Even something as simple as a beautiful kiddush cup in front of every place will do enough to add that extra glow and elevate an air of beauty around the dining space.

Dining Table Runners

Dining rooms can often feel a little stark, with simple colours and heavy ornament features. If you think about it, the centrepiece of  this room is the table, which is made of solid wood, and the silverware on top, which is made of metal. So you need a way to soften it up. A dining table runner can add the softness that you need, as well as give your dining table some interesting patterns and thread work that can juxtapose the starkness mentioned before.

Include Little Details

Another way to make your dining table look like it’s wearing jewellery is by thinking about the little details. As we mentioned before, most jewellery is subtle, so a good way to replicate this fact is by including subtle silverware and decorative pieces around the dining table. Something like spice boxes, honey pots, napkin holders. These little things can go a long way to making your dining table feel both beautiful and complete.

Strip Back The Colour

One other mistake that home décor lovers make is opting for colour in their dining room to alleviate the minimalism that we mentioned earlier. We feel that this is a mistake, however. Adding colour on top of the décor choices you have already made makes it far more likely for the dining room to stray into the “loud” and “overbearing” sector. Remember, your food should be the colour on this canvas. Don’t overcomplicate things or take away from the food by going for too much colour in the design scheme.

A Special Centrepiece

Lastly, it’s time to round up your dining table with the ultimate jewellery piece. Just like that beautiful necklace that you only ever wear during special occasions, this piece will be brought out for the special meals, the ones with friends, family, guests, during holidays or for other celebrations. Think something like a wine fountain or crystal glasses. Find a showstopper centrepiece and keep it aside for when you want your dining table to look extra special.

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