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How to ensure eating a balanced diet

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Whenever we think of healthy life, physically and mentally fit body, the first thing that comes to our mind is food and how to achieve a balanced diet. The right balanced diet shall ensure to maintain the metabolic rate and the right pH balance of your body. An expert, professional trainer can help you in this regard. One important thing to understand is that your body is different than others hence it is better to consult a personal trainer London who can chalk out a diet plan especially for you.

In this blog, we will be talking about how to ensure that you maintain your balanced diet and how to make a balanced diet meal, and how to combine your meal plans with your favorite foods and beverages, so if you’re one of those people wondering: How does coffee impact fasting? stick around to learn more.

1. Fruits and vegetables

It is a well-known fact that fruits and vegetables are great source of all the essential nutrients required to sustain our body. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are very easy to digest and very light on the system to process. Do not consume canned or frozen fruits as they have preservatives in them which is not good for your digestive system. Raw, uncut fruits can help better than fruit juices, as by eating raw fruit, you can get more fiber.

Other than being good source of essential nutrients, fresh and raw fruits and vegetables also keep you alert without letting inertia set in.

2. Calories

The right trainer and the nutritionist can guide you about what should be the daily calorie consumption. We agree that too much calories intake is not good but completely avoiding calories is also not good.

If you ask any personal trainer London they will tell you that it’s not the food but the ingredients used to make the food carry calories. Legumes, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, different types of nuts, lean proteins, all carry calories within them that does not make them bad food. if you make pizza at home with fresh vegetables and fresh meat with a whole wheat base bread it is not a source of empty calorie but a good calorie. This way you can plan your balanced diet and ensure that you stick to it.

3. Fats

Too much of oil and fat is not good and to be honest too much of anything is not good for us. It is very good for cellular health you can switch to unsaturated fats and oil while maintaining some amount of saturated fat in your balanced diet plan. You should definitely avoid trans-fat altogether. Good fat does not lead to artery blockage but it is essential not to have too much fat.

Any oil that comes from vegetables, fruits and fish is good oil for the system and can be used every day. Any fat coming from dairy products like cheese, heavy cream, and butter should be used in a limit. Any food item which is pre-packed and ready to eat or is processed food have trans-fats and should be avoided. You can consume deep fried products but occasionally.

4. Salts and sugar

We add salt to every food item we make, it is a necessity for taste but too much of salty food like pre-packed chips, can increase the chances of having high blood pressure which is not good for your body. The right amount of salt and pepper sprinkling on salads, soups and boiled dishes make them tastier and the nutrient is also not lost.

It is better to avoid soda, cold drinks, artificial sweeteners are all sources of high sugar content which has to be avoided. Processed sugar grains that are white in color are also not good for sugar intake hence should be taken in lesser quantity.


With the help of a personal trainer London, you can plan a balanced diet for yourself. Any trained and certified trainer will never make u give up food all at once, it will only be done keeping in mind your health requirements. Also, if you have any ailments, if you are on any medications, any allergies etc. the trainer and nutritionist can guide you accordingly to have the health food that is suitable only for you. if you keep the above-mentioned points in mind while preparing your balanced diet plan it will be easier for you to enjoy your diet and make it fun without having to give up on your taste.

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