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How To Create and Add Voice Over to Google Slides?

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What makes a Google Slides presentation more interesting apart from the graphics? You guessed it right, a voice-over. It doesn’t matter how stunning your presentation is; if the voice-over is flat and of poor quality, your audience’s attention will drift away. And Google Slides presentations are only second after videos when attracting user attention.

Do you want to pitch your idea to investors, suggest a solution to your company officials, or teach an online class? A strong and engaging voice-over for your Google Slides presentation will definitely help. Moreover, you can improve your takeaway by ensuring your audience receives the right message, thus positively impacting their experience.

What is a Voice-over?

A voice-over is a production technique that involves recording a voice-over to explain a presentation or narrate a story. Voice-overs are used in various fields ranging from films, video games, and audiovisual works. However, voice-overs are now trending as an addition to Google Slides. These voice-overs help share information or explain educational content.

With the Covid-19 outbreak and the whole world shifting online, Google Slides has saved many instructors who are not very tech-savvy. It has helped make meetings and classrooms more interactive with its voice-over feature. This is because it is believed that while reading content is helpful, listening ensures you retain information for longer.

How to Add a Voice-over to Your Google Slides Presentation?

If you are making a presentation and looking to add a voice over, Google Slides won’t be of much use. It does not have an in-built voice-over recording facility available at the moment. You will have to record the voice-over using various online and offline tools and add it to your presentation.

A voice over Google Slides can be created by either recording your voice through a recording tool or text-to-speech software.

Rev’s online voice recording is the best option available for free. As for an offline tool, you can either use Apple’s GarageBand or Audacity.

How to Add a Voice-over using Murf Studio?

So, now that you’ve decided to make a voice over for your Google Slides, let’s dive deep into the process of creating voice overs using Murf Studio:

1. The impact of your presentation depends on the voice you’ve selected for the voice over. You can try one of 110 voices in 15+ languages and choose the one that best suits your script and audience. You have the freedom to play all of these voices in Murf’s library to select the best voice. There is one more feature of playing a few sentences from your script in a particular voice so that you get a teaser of how your content sounds in that voice.

2. The best feature of Murf studio is that it offers a fully functional text editor to convert your scripts into the speech of your selected voice. You can either write and listen along with your script or, if you have it ready, just paste in the editor with an AI grammar assistant to make your content free of grammar and spelling mistakes. You can even add pauses in certain sections of your script with the “Add Pause” option in the top menu. Another amazing feature of Murf Studio is that you can add emphasis on certain parts of the sentences using the “Add Emphasis” option. A graph is displayed with selected sentences. Play with it and create the content with the best delivery.

3. When you’ve completely edited your script, it’s time to create the voice over. Just click on the “Build Audio” button and get your voice rendered instantly. Click on the play button to see how the audio is in sync with the video. If you find issues, you can always edit it unless you’re satisfied with the final product. Now, just download your file in HD and get the best quality Google Slides presentation with the best voice over.

Adding a Voice-over Using Murf.ai

You can also use Murf.ai, a video maker with voice-over options that allows you to directly create and add your voice-over to a Google Slides presentation.

You can do this in five simple steps.

  1. Install the Murf add-on for Google Slides.
  2. Open your presentation on Google Slides and look for the add-on option in your toolbar and click on Murf’s add-on.
  3. Write your voice-over script for each slide on the right side.
  4. From Murf’s AI voices catalog, you can select the voice for your narration.
  5. Click on the Build Video option to create your voice-over presentation.


Voice-overs are a great way to spruce up a presentation that is loaded with information. It saves you the hassle of making notes and trying to remember everything you need to share while presenting something. A voice-over in your Google Slides presentation will help you stand apart and make people take notice of your work.

And now, recording and adding voice-overs has become so easy that you can do it quickly and efficiently, no matter the project!

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