How to Choose the Suitable Length of a Human Hair Wig?

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When we are going to buy a wig, there are many factors should be considered, including the hair color, hair density, cap size, hair texture, hair length and etc, every factor can be a deciding factor in your decision to choose a wig. Today we are going to mainly talk about the hair length.

Firstly, We Should Know About the Main Three Lengths of Human Hair Wigs:

  1. Short Hair Wigs

Short hair wigs are typically length between the ears and the shoulders, about 8-14 inches. Like short bob wigs or short pixie wigs. People is very refreshing and capable with a short hair wig, and the maintenance is more convenient and less cost than the long hair wigs.

  1. Medium Length Hair Wigs

Medium length wigs are commonly between your shoulders and armpits, about 18-22 inches, which is a easy-matching look. A medium length wig is slightly longer than a Bob wig, it can be designed into a variety of hairstyles like a longer hair wig, but the cost is more affordable than a long wig.

  1. Long Hair Wigs

The length of a long hair wig can up to the tailbone or longer, about more than 24 inches. People is feminine and charming with the long hair, most celebrities always have long hair when attending various activities which make them charming and elegant.

How to Choose the Suitable Length of a Human Hair Wig ?

Face Form:

If you’ve got an oval-formed face, you’ll be able to wear just about any wig length. However, if you’ve got a round face, the long hair is going to be better. If you’ve got an oblong face, a brief stratified would work best for you.

Hair Texture:

Curly and wavy hair texture shrinks a bit naturally. So, if you wish for an extended curly or wavy look, you’ll get to select a length that’s some inches longer than you wish your wig to get.

Body Height:

If you’re below average height, a short bob or medium length hair is more suit on you. If you’re tall, a longer hair wig is perfect.

Where to Buy a Suitable Human Hair Wig?

It is recommended to purchase from a good shop like Lovemuse Hair.

If you go for a refreshing, trendy style, then get short hair. If you go for a easy-matching look, a medium length wig is better. If you go for a charming, feminine look, get longer hair.

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