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Functions and Events are Only as Good as Their Venue

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Hire a Place to Host Your Event

When hosting an event or function, it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the details; food, toilets, access to power outlets, chairs, kitchen, visibility, hand-outs, and more. For many, this means that they neglect something that could underpin all of this – the venue. Let’s be honest, everybody has been to an event or function that has been ruined by the venue itself. Just some examples of how this can happen include: overlooking the importance of choosing the best event venues in London, which can significantly elevate the overall experience.

  • Too many guests for the small amount of space available
  • Poor location (based in the middle of nowhere with no hotels nearby)
  • Not enough parking for guests
  • Smell in the venue

In truth, this list could go on. As soon as something is wrong with the venue, it doesn’t do the event justice. Even if the event is incredible and the best one has ever seen, it is let down by the venue.

When hosting an event or function, ensure that venue hire is at the top of your list of priorities. When you get the venue right, you start the event on the right foot and all the attention will be on your incredible event rather than on guests and participants frustrated at something wrong with the venue.

In terms of considerations, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the number of guests – if 2,000 people are attending the event, a venue that normally holds 500 is too small. Not only will you have to cram people into the space, but they could also have problems with parking. These issues are likely to cast a shadow over the whole event.

Likewise, those planning to host 100 people shouldn’t hire out a huge venue designed for 10,000. Your event will feel cold, empty, and like a failure before you’ve even started. Choose a venue appropriate for the event itself – this includes the guests you plan to invite and the type of event.

When considering venues, don’t forget the location. Wherever possible, look for somewhere that either doubles as a hotel or offers accommodation options nearby. What’s more, you could also opt for a venue close to transport links. This way, those who don’t drive can still access your event without problems.

If you get the right venue, everything else has a solid foundation on which to build. With the wrong venue, your guests will feel frustrated before it has even begun.

Hobart Tasmania Has Unique Rooms to Book

Thankfully, the good news is that Hobart Tasmania has lots of unique rooms to book for your event or function. You’ll find venues that are perfect for your event, whether you’re hoping for 12 people to attend or 1,000 people. What’s more, they have access to transport links and either offer hotel rooms or hotels within a small radius.

Naturally, Hobart is a concentrated city with not much distance between one side and the other. Wherever your guests choose to stay, they’re only a short way away from your venue if you host it in Hobart. What’s more, the city itself is stunning with a waterfront and views of Mount Wellington.

Whatever the nature of your function or event, you’ll find the perfect venue for your guests. People will walk away from your event with smiles on their faces rather than feeling frustrated and let down. Why not explore your options today? With Hobart city centre only between 15-20 minutes away from the airport, it’s a prime location this year!

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