How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

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If you love talking about something you’re enthusiastic about or enjoy, it may make sense to launch your own podcast. Podcasts are still hugely popular in 2022, with a total of 850,000 active podcasts around the world. Whether you like one-to-one interviews, fictional story-telling, or solo commentary, here is a guide on how to start a podcast.

Establish Your Niche

With hundreds of thousands of active podcasts already, you’re going to need to think of an idea that’s unique and engaging. You must establish a niche and choose something you’re passionate about. You need to be excited about what you’re going to talk about, so take your time deciding on a topic that you know and love, and one your audience will enjoy.

Pick a Catchy Name

The title of your podcast will be the first thing listeners see, even before they check out a single second of your show. Understandably, the name you choose shouldn’t be rushed. Whatever you decide on, try and make it link to what you’ll be talking about in the podcast. For example, there’s no point putting something about food in the title if all you’ll be chatting about is relationship advice! Ultimately, your podcast name needs to be catchy and stick in people’s heads.

Write a Compelling Description

After you’ve chosen a name for your podcast, you’ll need to write a paragraph outlining what your show is all about. What you write can be the difference between listeners sticking around or going elsewhere, so make sure you have a play around with keywords and think of phrases that your target demographic may use to seek out content similar to yours.

Decide on Your Podcast Format

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to establishing your podcast format. You do you! But, having a good idea of how you want each episode to run is important. Are you planning to do interviews, or would you like your podcast to be a solo affair? You need to address how long each episode will be, as well as how regularly you publish content.

Purchase Equipment and Tools

There’s a ton of equipment you need to purchase to get your podcast up and running. You can go on the cheap side and pick up a $5 microphone. However, don’t expect the sound to be any good! The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune. As long as you get a sturdy mic that emits excellent audio, you’re halfway there. You can also look into using an enterprise podcasting solution that gives you an array of tools to use for professional podcasting.

Find a Hosting Service

One common belief people have when launching a podcast is that they can simply upload their product files to places like Spotify. Sure, you want to be on this platform, but you don’t upload your files there. Instead, you upload them to a podcast hosting company first.

Podcasting enables you to build a personal connection with listeners, increase traffic generation, and even turn it into a money-making venture! Whatever you enjoy chatting about, following the tips above will help get you set up and ready to build an audience.

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