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How To Check Available Seats In Trains Between Stations?

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Check Seat Availability In Trains Between Stations

Want to know how to check and inquire about IRCTC Train Seat Availability? Are you planning to travel via train and want to book a ticket? To check seat availability and grab information about Train Route Information, first of all, do visit the IRCTC website and login to it. Enter the desired details as needed, including the train number, journey date, source station, destination station, class, and quota of the travel and click on “Find trains”. Once clicked, a new page with a list of trains, details of that train, and the related seat availability in the respective class will be displayed. If the seats are available in the required class and quota for you to travel, make sure that you make the reservations quickly in order to avoid a last-minute disappointment.

In cases of non-availability of seats, you can try to check seat availability for other dates or change the quota and travel class of the train. If you want to know more about Indian railway booking and Train Route Information, download the Railmitra app and it will help you to know about travel classes, such as first-class AC, sleeper, second AC, third or more. With the aid of technology, remove all your questions, and have a pleasant journey!

Trains Between Stations

The next step is to obtain information concerning the Trains Between Stations. All the information that a traveler wants while looking for Indian railways trains between two stations is readily accessible. On your computer or mobile in just a short space of seconds, you can quickly check for trains between important stations, trains between two stations, etc. All the information gathered on the train-time table between two railway stations can be determined by the data stored in between two stations and can be retrieved from a repetitively updated real-time Indian Railways database.

Train Ticket Availability

Looking online for Indian Railways train ticket availability? Would you like to know how to find or book online train tickets and whether or not seats are available? To search for availability of the seats or check train fare, visit IRCTC’s Indian Railways official website and access the source of the train, the destination station, where the train is to be deboarded, the class, the date of the journey, the number of persons, and click the search button. Once done, you’ll receive a list of all trains between your listed stations and other information including availability to seats, travel classes, train days, and more. It will assist you in gathering more information and the availability of the respective tickets ticket availability in the different classes available on that train to travel.

How Many Days Before You Can Check Seat Availability To Book A Ticket?

It’s best to book your ticket as soon as possible to beat the crowds. However, booking tickets in advance ensures a hassle-free journey. Advance Reservation Booking Period for train tickets is 120 days (excluding the date of journey). So, booking in trains from originating stations will open and remain available for 120 days.

The Process To Check Train Seat Availability

Login to IRCTC official website and proceed with the following:

Step 1: Enter the name of the source and destination station.

Step 2: Enter the date of your journey or select from the calendar.

Step 3: Select Class

Step 4: Click on “Find Trains”.

Step 5: A new page will open with all the details of trains running between the source and destination station along with the seat availability.

Step 6: Click on the specific class of tickets, and Check Seat Availability of the specific class along with the fares.

Chart Preparation Time Of Train

The chart is prepared two times. The first chart of a train is prepared 4 hours before the departure of the train. The second and the final chart is prepared 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

Check Your Seat Number Now!

If you have booked your ticket but don’t remember your seat number then you can easily access your seat number by checking the PNR status online. PNR status includes the booking status information. You can Check PNR status to know all the details about your journey like seat number, date of journey, travel class, coach number and others.

Chances Of Getting Confirmed Ticket

With the latest IRCTC waitlist prediction, the probability of a waitlist or RAC ticket being confirmed can be estimated. This is based on the latest booking trends. You can also use the ixigo trains app and know the chances of your ticket getting confirmed with the feature ‘PNR prediction’.

Order Food in Train

There are several websites and apps that offer food delivery services on trains. You can Order Food In Trains using your mobile phone. The food will be delivered at your desired berth. With little effort, travelers can enjoy the best fresh and warm meals during their train journeys. Railmitra and Railrestro app deliver food from reputed restaurants with a variety of menus and offer multiple payment options including cash on delivery available for the same. You can also order pizza on the train.

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