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How To Check Train Ticket Fare of Any Train on mobile?

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Looking online to get an insight into IRCTC tickets with fare and timing? If you are late in booking you tend to change the classes and do the bookings again. But the main factor is the ticket fare.

Railways provide the most number of seats in the sleeper, few less in 3 AC, 2AC, and fewer seats in 1AC. Whenever we get a glimpse of the long waiting list while booking tickets we strive to switch the classes and check the Train Fare And Seat Availability on the train to book confirmed tickets. However, not everyone can bear the expenses to book the tickets in 2AC and 1AC.

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There are many factors that come into our minds before a journey; one of them is ticket fare that haunts our minds as Indian train journeys are budget-limited. If you are Booking Tatkal Tickets then the Tatkal Ticket Fare is much higher than the normal ticket price. So, the Train Ticket Price is of utmost importance while drawing up a plan for a feasible and economical journey.

You must be speculating if you have a handy solution to check the train fare and do the bookings according to your budget. You will be bewildered to know that you can Check The Train Ticket Fare Online on your fingertips that are on your mobile. Checking train ticket fare of any train can be done effortlessly. You must know that the Train Ticket Price depends on the distance of the journey it covers. Keeping all your queries in mind we mentioned the details about train ticket fare and how you should Check The Train Ticket Price?

If it’s the arrival or departure of the train or providing information on the train schedule, Online Seat Availability in Trains; the RailMitra app provides you with rail tools for a range of interrogation services. Indian Railway Ticket Price is one of them is passenger help from which they can make budget-friendly travel decisions.

Fare Details of different types of Classes in train

  • 1A: It is the First Class AC. The fare for this class is the costlier. Not all the trains have First AC coaches and the train seat availability is limited for this class.
  • 2A: It is the Second Class AC, the fare is slightly lesser than 1A. With a much lower seat, make sure to check the Indian Railways Online Seat Availability in Trains in advance.
  • 3A: It is the Third Class AC, these have three berths on each side. With bedding included in the fare, these coaches are suitable for 64 passengers.
  • SL: It is the Sleeper class. The most common option among the majority of Indians is a non-air-conditioned sleeper coach with bunks for passengers to sleep in. It is intended for up to 72 passengers. Usually, these tickets sell out fast.
  • CC: It is the Chair Cars, These are fully air-conditioned and come with comfortable reclining chairs.
  • 2S: These are non-air-conditioned coaches. These are bench type seats for the passengers.

Train Fares of different Trains Online on Mobile

You can check IRCTC Fare Enquiry or the Train Fare Enquiry for any train of Indian Railways at RailMitra App setup for all Online Train Inquiry Services. This is one of the easiest ways to get the right fare details and train fare enquiry in real-time.

All you need to do is:

  • Enter the Train Name or Number in the box
  • Select the Travel Quota,
  • Select the from & To Station Name to get fare
  • Click on ‘Get Fare’ to get the updated fare details for that journey.

You can find Train Name or Number by just entering the first 3 letters /digits and it will show you the auto-generated list from which you can select the train. The Stations details will be available to select depending upon the train.

Train Ticket Price of different Trains can also be checked at the PRS counter available at every station.

Components of Indian Railway Ticket Price

Usually, Indian Railways measure train tickets on a per kilometer (KM) basis. There are several components to the overall cost of the train. These components are:

  • Base fare
  • Reservation Charge
  • Superfast charge
  • Tatkal Charge
  • Catering Charge
  • GST
  • Dynamic Charge

Total ticket fare = Base Fare + Reservation Charges + Superfast Charges + Catering Charge + Dynamic Fare + GST

Check Fares of different Trains through SMS

It might be possible that your internet does not work and some people are also not fortunate to have an Android mobile phone. In this situation you think to get the train fare through SMS then it’s not possible. Indian Railways does not provide this facility to check Train Ticket Fare through SMS.

How to check Fares of different Trains through Mobile if you are not using the internet?

Getting to know about the fare enquiry through SMS is not possible. But, Railway offers the provision to enquire about the fare details on the train on call. Just call on the below-referred number:

Railway Enquiry Number: Call 139

IRCTC Train Ticket Fare Rule

  • Below 5 years of age/Child train fare: Free
  • Age of 5 years and above, but below 12 years train fare: Half of Adult fare
  • Age of 12 years and above train fare: Full fare

Indian Railways Ticket Concession Rule

Whenever you are booking the ticket online you should know the following train ticket allowances provided by Indian Railway and make your journey budget-friendly.

  • Senior citizen train fare concession for Female – 50% Base Fare
  • Senior Citizen train fare concession for Male – 40% Base Fare
  • Student train fare concession- 50% Base Fare
  • Student concession in train fare (Scheduled Tribe/Scheduled) – 75% Base Fare
  • Doctor train fare concession – 10% Base Fare

Error while checking train fare: Please try later: Message / Status

If Fares Enquiry for your train is not delivered, the following cause could be responsible:

  • You entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
  • You entered an incorrect or invalid station.
  • Indian Railways server is down or overloaded.

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