Train Running Information With PNR Number

How To Get The Train Running Information With PNR Number?

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Standing in a long line and waiting for your number to be called can be frustrating and time-consuming. Without having to go to the railway counters or support desks in the middle of a crowded train station for some train-related enquiry, you can conveniently go to your mobile phone and get all the details you need in an instant in silence. There are many passengers who want to buy food or refill their bottles of water, all done in a rush, afraid that the train might take off at any moment. This is where Live Train Status comes in handy because it informs passengers at which station the train stops along with time and duration. Train schedules change most of the time and frequency. We highly recommend you to track your train as often as you can so as to avoid any delay.

Using Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd (IRCTC) mobile application residing on their mobile phone, it gives them increased suitability through a real-time, secure ticketing service. Now, IRCTC has introduced the latest initiative for checking the Railway ticket PNR status, train fare, seat availability, arrival or departure, Check Railway Schedule, train live status, and train name/number/time using mobile.

Train Running Information with PNR Number

You can check the exact location of the train you want to track, along with its departure and the estimated time of arrival of the destination. It will show you where your train is currently at. Should you have an inquiry on whether the train will be delayed or on time, Train Live Status is the perfect tracker for that. The weary and exasperating search for our train in the middle of mayhem has lessened. It helps us to be actually punctual and have a calm and hassle-free journey. It means there’s a chance of ticket confirmation and it demands regular PNR Status Enquiry and Train Running Information to keep you updated.

What is the PNR number on your ticket?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which means when you book your ticket on the train, you are allotted a unique 10-digit number. This ten-digit number is your personal booking identification mentioned on the top left corner of the ticket. The number varies with every passenger which needs to be entered when checking PNR status.

Information Displayed While Checking PNR Status

When you Check Your PNR Status, it displays with all the relevant details which need to be known for a passenger before boarding the train.

  • Train Name
  • Train Number
  • Boarding Date: That specific date on which passengers on board the train.
  • From: It means source station from where the train starts its journey.
  • To: The destination point where the train ends its journey.
  • Boarding Point: The station where passengers board the train.
  • Reserved Up to The station where passengers deboard the train.
  • Booking Status: It includes coach number, berth number, quota
  • Current status: It includes coach number, berth number
  • Charting status: It shows the status of the chart whether it is prepared or not. If it is not prepared, it will show “chart not prepared”. But, if prepared, it will display as “Chart Prepared”.

Note: If the status show chart is prepared and your current status still shows in waiting, it means your booking is not confirmed for the journey.

Charting Status

Indian Railways prepare a final charting status four hours before departure time from the station. The chart is mentioned with the final list of passengers who are going to board the train with their allotted berth. There are many trains that offer you to travel with your waiting booking status but you will not be allotted any berth, you are just allowed to board the train to reach the destination. This could happen only when you have a PRS counter reservation ticket. Passengers with e-tickets are not allowed to board the train in waiting. E-Tickets automatically get canceled when booking does not get confirmed, but to cancel your counter ticket, you have to rush to the station.

It is advised to check your PNR status till 30 minutes after the departure of the train. There are chances of ticket confirmation after adjusting quota seats.

How PNR Number helps you in your journey?

  • Checking the status of your PNR number is very useful if your ticket is on the WL or RAC list to find out whether your booking is confirmed or not.
  • It is recommended that, after you book your ticket, you check the status of your Passenger Name Record number at least once before you board the train as it will tell you all the basics you need to know about your train, your berth, your seat, etc.
  • If your ticket is confirmed, then checking the PNR status once will be appropriate, because all the details about your journey have been confirmed.
  • If your ticket is stuck on the Wait List or RAC List then it is important to Check Your PNR Status regularly. As soon as there is a change in the train schedule, and any passenger cancels their ticket then it is updated.
  • Passengers are not informed about the changes in the train schedule most of the time; therefore, it is really important to Check Railway Schedule and PNR Status at least once before you depart.
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