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5 Office Desks That Businesses Should Invest in for Their Employees 

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As a business, you have a responsibility to look after employees. Let’s not forget, most employees spend more time at work than they do at home. One way to show that you value employees is by investing in the right office desk. In this guide, you’ll see five office desks that your employees will love!

1. Standing (Adjustable) Desk

First and foremost, it might sound counterintuitive but height adjustable desks are actually incredibly valuable for employees. Normally, a standing desk is actually adjustable which means that your employees can choose whether they want to sit or stand. There are lots of benefits to standing while working:

  • You’re less likely to gain weight
  • You encourage blood flow and could reduce the likelihood of high blood sugar and heart disease
  • You’re less likely to experience back discomfort or pain

Even after the health benefits, standing in the office encourages collaboration and positive relationships with colleagues. When sitting, employees are reluctant to walk across the room to talk to a colleague. If they’re already standing, it’s easier than ever for them to communicate and collaborate with others in the office.

As a business, you’ll benefit from extra productivity, collaboration, and healthier employees. In fact, you might even see a reduction in absenteeism as a result.

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2. The K Workstation

Next up, we have a solution for those with little storage space. If you have a small office, employees might continually complain about the available space for their items. They have no option but to have a messy desk. With a K workstation, there’s desk space for the employee because the back of the desk continues above their head to form shelving space. This is especially useful for those working up against a wall because the shelving unit will attach perfectly.

3. Tailored Desks

Why go for standard desks when you can have experts come in and create desks that utilise the space in your office? These days, some companies tailor workstations to the space available. Not only will the finished product offer an ergonomic design for health, but they will also encourage productivity, collaboration, and concentration. Since the commercial office desks are tailored to your needs, the whole office is designed with your business in mind. Large, small, wide, thin – you get the desks the employees deserve to perform in their role.

4. Collaborative Desks

Collaboration is a word that has appeared lots in this guide, and this is because of its importance in the workplace. However, have you ever considered making one large desk for employees to work around rather than having them work separately? For some businesses, they rely on constant communication, brainstorming, and colleagues having a good enough relationship to enjoy each other’s company. What better way to do this than with one huge, collaborative table?

With four, eight, or even 15 people working around a large table, questions have answers quickly and the office is more productive than ever.

5. Folded Desks

Do desks have to be a permanent fixture in the office? These days, more and more business owners are opting for lightweight and even foldable desks so that they can be moved around whenever necessary. If a certain project requires two of the sales team to work with people from marketing and finance, it’s easier than ever to accommodate this without having to constantly traipse back to dedicated desks after forgetting something. With folded desks, the office is always changing and employees love working in different positions each week.

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