How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Game Like a Poker Game?

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You might have played a poker game once in your life. Most people love to play a poker game even though the game is simple. The poker game is still the most popular globally, whether you play in real or online. Millions of people around the world still love the Poker game. As the internet takes over the world, most games are available online these days. You can install a poker game on your smartphone and play it with anyone around the world. But how much does it cost to develop a poker game? Many factors will decide how much it might cost you if you want to build a poker game. Poker game developers have to select all the elements before they can conclude how much they will invest in their game.

If you want to develop a poker game and want to know how much it might cost you to create a whole game, we will look at some of the factors that will decide how much it may cost you.

Mobile Operating System (OS)

The first thing you need to decide is on which mobile OS you want to develop your game. You need to choose either from Android, IOS, Windows, or Blackberry, or you can just create a hybrid game that will work on every mobile OS system. But the cost of developing for each OS is different. Developing a poker game for IOS might cost you extra than on Android or other OS. But if you want to build a hybrid poker game that will work on every OS, then the cost could be even more. But it will be the best thing to develop a mixed poker game.

Game Designing

While designing a game, developers have to draw a map for the game. How would the game work? What will be the gameplay, game level, game story? Designing a game is not an easy job, and it needs some money to create the most straightforward game. How will your game function? All the levels and coordination for the game. While designing, you need to have a plan, and planning for all this will also cost you some money. These are your per-development expenses.


Another factor that will decide your game development cost is the way you are marketing your game. Selling a game is also a challenging job, and you need to invest some money in marketing the game so people would play or buy your game. You might be posting ads on websites, or you can use social media marketing, but for that, you need to invest money before your competition gets noticed by people.

Now you know the factors that you should be considered before developing a poker game, but we still don’t know how much it might cost you to create an actual poker game. Let’s look at the estimated money factor for developing a poker game. Could do the minimum cost for developing a poker game between $3000- $20000. But if you are tight on your budget, you can still create a game under $10000. This is the starting budget for developing a poker game. If you want to build a 2D Poker game, it will cost you some extra bucks. It can lie somewhere between $20K- $50k. If you have some extra money and want to spend it on developing a poker game, you can invest in developing a 2D poker game.

Now, if you want to develop a high-level mobile or PC game, it will cost you around $100K- $300K. You can add everything to your game, including the online or single player. But for developing a high-level game, you much be a professional game developer. You need to invest extra bucks and need some spare time for creating a high-end poker game. Some poker game developers are experienced or beginner, depending on their skills and experiences. It depends on what type of game you want to develop, whether you want a simple one that anyone can enjoy if they’re going to play with a computer without gambling or some who want to play with other people worldwide.

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You need to remember all the factors before you go developing a poker game. If you have extra money and want to invest it in creating a poker game, you can choose from the simplest to the high-level poker game development. You cannot risk all your money at once because there are already so many poker games, and you need to think of something unique with your poker game that will make your game more interesting.

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