Complete Guide to Oz Lotto 

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The lottery is popularly known as ‘Lotto’ among the citizens of Australia. Australia is quite famous for its Jackpots, Betting and lottery. With technology in our hands, everything is made easy. Even people from other states/countries can access these lotteries through online forums. The Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s famous lottery. It was first drawn in 1994. At that time, it was the only lottery that anyone in the nation could participate. In the -beginning, they played the game with only six numbers and later in 2005, the Tatts group updated the game with a 7th Winning number. It was popularly known as Super 7 Lotto at that period. This lottery holds a unique record of awarding prize money of 112 Million Dollars back in 2012. The minimum prize money is 2 Million Dollars, and there is no maximum.

The Oz Lotto Always Falls on Tuesday Nights

This lottery was similar to Saturday Lotto in its earlier days. A ticket to play cost about $1.2. Like any other lotto, this also has distinguished prize divisions. The entries will be closed before 7.25 pm AEST and Results will arrive before 9 pm AEST on all Tuesday nights.


First, the players buy a ticket to enter the game. They can choose the numbers of their choice or use ‘Quick Pick’ to generate the numbers automatically.

In the Oz lottery, the players have to select seven winning numbers and 2 supplementary numbers from 1 – 45.

On the day of the draw, the winning seven numbers and two supplementary numbers are picked from a barrel of balls.

The winners are determined based on the seven prize divisions.

  • Players’ numbers should match all the seven winning numbers of the day To win Division 1.
  • The minimum win would be Division 7, where any three winning numbers and 1 or 2 supplementary numbers should match.
  • There are also several other lucky draws conducted once in a while, offering big winning money.


Different types of entries increase the Winning odds in the Oz Lotto. It includes System entry, Syndicate entry, and Advanced entries.

  • Syndicate entry allows you to play as a team or a group, leading to winning a prize under any one Division.
  • System entry has several systems that offer the player the choice of different numbers under the selected one.
  • Advanced entry allows you to play the draw even ten weeks in advance.

Myths and Realities

The lottery is the best option to spend one’s time and money. Though the lottery is all about money, it also has an entertainment value.

  • Many people tend to play with their favourite numbers every time they sign up for a ticket. But in reality, the odds are less.
  • “Lottery is all about luck”, yes it is! It is also about nuances and strategies. There exist many pro players who live only for Gambling.
  • The other most famous belief is that for every lottery win tax will be accounted for; the Australian Lotteries has changed it upside down for real.
  • Most people try their luck in lotteries because they have pre-consumed perceptions that are not true.
  • Many only play big jackpots with the thought that it has high possibilities of winning. But in fact, that chances are equally the same.

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