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Gold Kitchen Taps Define Luxury

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Only when you thought that gold was out of fashion and out of mind, Boom!! They have made a comeback and… What a Style!!

Gold taps are the latest trend in luxury kitchens and bathrooms, but with a modern twist. Luxury is always defined well when a kitchen comes with everything needed to make a mouth-watering meal in style.

No longer are we stuck with the tacky, old, polished brass! The finish from the past has now been updated with more designer and decorative shades and textures, each with its own descriptive name. Brushed gold taps are ushering in a new “Golden Age” of home designing.

With the above demonstration of a beautiful kitchen, no matter what you’re cooking, the kitchen with white and pastels colours is sure to stoke your appetite for finer things.

A brushed gold kitchen tap can look like pure luxury in a kitchen with a natural marble worktop. A complementing soap dispenser and pastels cabinets matching hardware and serene luxury saturate every part of this design.

The hand-crafted cabinetry and neutral hues make this kitchen the ideal backdrop for the most luxurious kitchen tap. These finishes vary in look, from matt to polished, and go by different names.

Polished Brass vs Brushed Gold

Brushed gold features a contemporary take on traditional brass with a matt look. Polished brass is highly reflective and features a yellowish gold appearance.

In recent times, various gold finishes have had increasing popularity for modern and contemporary designing of homes. While polished brass, on the other hand, has become more of a niche finish and is less popular than in past times.

Brushed Gold vs Champagne Bronze

Champagne Bronze has a brushed-over look in a muted matt gold finish. Brushed gold has a brushed finish with a slight mimic to the classic traditional shiny brass finish. Both champagne bronze and brushed gold differ significantly look wise from the polished brass finish, which is more reflective and shinier.

A gold kitchen tap matching the cabinet hardware is a brilliant idea to tie things together!

Wherever possible, matching the kitchen tap with the kitchen hardware will give the kitchen a cohesive feel. Often the kitchen hardware is used to complement the tap finish and other fixtures. This tasteful kitchen pairs textured marble with rich grey cabinets. The natural elements of the modern mountain kitchen are a recipe for culinary calm.

The kitchen that complements the modern style

Because of the different shades of brushed gold finish available, you are sure to find a gold finish that perfectly complements your contemporary modern home!

The gold Kitchen Taps with additional detailing and luxury finishes will make your heart skip a beat.

The newer gold finishes, like brushed gold, are very versatile. Interior designers use these brushed gold finishes to create contemporary space as well as to recreate an updated version of a traditional style.

A modern gold kitchen tap is effortless to keep clean and maintain. The natural reflective property of the gold finish keeps them naturally spot resistant, even when used with harder water.

Maintenance of Modern Gold Kitchen Taps.

  • For everyday cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the kitchen tap with a soft dry cloth.
  • Most gold finishes are highly durable and can easily withstand the use of a diluted solution of white vinegar used for cleaning more stubborn food or mineral build-up.
  • You may also use a 1:1 solution of warm water and soap for in-depth cleaning.

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